25,000 apply for 325 Walmart jobs… Project killed by Chicago City Council

18 months after the Chicago City Council successfully kept them from opening a store within the city, Walmart will be opening a brand new 141,000 square foot store one block outside the city limits.

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Eighteen months after the Chicago City Council torpedoed a South Side Wal-Mart, 24,500 Chicagoans applied for 325 jobs at a Wal-Mart opening Friday in south suburban Evergreen Park, one block outside the city limits.

The new Wal-Mart at 2500 W. 95th is one block west of Western Avenue, the city boundary.

Of 25,000 job applicants, all but 500 listed Chicago addresses, said John Bisio, regional manager of public affairs for Wal-Mart.

Why would so many people want to work for a company that oppresses their employees they way Walmart has been accused doing? THEY WANT TO WORK!!! And people working, has never been a priority for the union bosses who unfairly attack Walmart. They only care about increasing their membership and their powerbase.

Their fight for political power has resulted in a obvious loss of jobs for the City of Chicago. But those 325 jobs are not all that the City of Chicago lost out on.

The 141,000-square-foot store has 36 departments, a “tire and lube express,” vision center, Subway restaurant, pharmacy, garden center and drugstore. It will sell some groceries but no fresh produce or meats and no liquor. It is expected to generate $1 million in sales and property tax in the first year — a windfall in a village that collects about $3 million a year in sales taxes, said Evergreen Park Mayor James J. Sexton. Evergreen Plaza, with 100 stores, generates about $2 million.

So let us review:

• 325 jobs lost
• $1million in sales and property tax lost
• $35,000 in community charitable contributions lost
• No new increase in customers for existing stores

Way to go Chicago City Council! At lease the Union Bosses are happy!

Craig DeLuz

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