About Craig

Born in the Bay Area, Craig DeLuz grew up in a working-class household, where his father, John DeLuz, was a warehouse supervisor, and his mother, El Vera, took care of his five brothers and sisters. His parents were dedicated to making ends meet for their family, and learn the value of honesty, work, and cooperation. Craig went on to study business finance at California State University at Chico. While attending Chico State, he became CEO of all student-owned businesses and was elected as the first black Associated Student Government president in the university’s 100-year history.

Craig is a widely recognized voice for conservative values. As Founder of Uncommon Sense Media Group, Craig has served as Editor for Red County-Sacramento, the publisher of the VOICE of North Sacramento and Editor-N-Chief for Man2Man Magazine. He is also a featured commentator with the American Urban Radio Network and MAD Moments on Sacramento’s 1380 AM KTKZ. Additionally, hosts his own blog at the Home of Uncommon Sense. Craig has also appeared as a public speaker, radio talk show personality and frequent guest of political, faith and community television shows.

Craig’s resume as a community servant and political activist is equally as extensive. In 2000, he took over as the head of the Make a Difference Project a leading community group promoting volunteerism and civic engagement. As the Interim Executive Director with the Women’s Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento, the oldest African American organization in the state, Craig helped erase a $500,000 debt; and get the group back on track and develop a programmatic focus.

Craig currently serves as a member of the Robla School District Board of Trustees, one of Sacramento’s highest performing school districts. You can also find Craig walking the halls of our state capitol where he works as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries. This follows his tenure as Legislative Aide and Communications Director for Assemblyman Tim Leslie. During his time in the capitol Craig has fought against wasteful spending, bigger government and higher taxes.

Craig and his wife Sobna live in North Sacramento. They also have two children, Craig Jr. and Jazmine.