Air America Investigation Update- The Al & Jessie Connection!

I am sure you all have wondered why none of the usual urban liberal shakedown artists have chimed in on the Air America Scandal (Air America Under Investigation- Possibly Funded with Non-Profit Grant Money)

Well, Michelle Malkin breaks it down for us so clearly that anyone can see that it’s all about the Benjamins! (That’s money for those of you who are Ebonically challenged.)

Michelle Malkin points out:

Air America’s flagship New York City station is housed on Park Avenue at WLIB-AM, owned by Inner City Broadcasting. The company shunted aside its black-themed talk format at WLIB to accommodate Air America. In return, Air America made room for a few minority radio hosts and also entered into lucrative lease management agreements with Inner City Broadcasting, which owns and operates 17 radio stations in five markets.

So Scair America started off by taking over a station with “black-themed talk format”? The funny part is that they were probably more liberal before AA took over.

But I digress….

The co-founder of Inner City Broadcasting is New York media mogul Percy Sutton, best known as Malcolm X’s lawyer and former Manhattan borough council president. Sutton helped bail Sharpton out after Sharpton was ordered to pay former Dutchess County prosecutor Steven Pagones over the Tawana Brawley race hoax. Sutton also raised and donated money for Sharpton’s 2004 presidential bid. Sharpton still broadcasts a Sunday radio show on WLIB. Sutton and Jackson are longtime friends and partners. Sutton served as Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign finance chairman. Jackson has lobbied on Sutton’s behalf. Sutton sits on Jackson’s Citizenship Education Fund. As original investors, Jackson and his wife reportedly hold more than 23,000 shares in Inner City Broadcasting.

Not only did Al and Jesse profit from kicking blacks off the radio airwaves, but now they are a part of taking money children and seniors?


Craig DeLuz

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