Albertans Cry for Independence from Canada

It looks like American Conservatives are not the only ones who think Canada’s Government is out of touch. Some in the Canadian Province of Alberta are calling for their national government to get their act together or they are walking.

Link Byfield of the Calgary Sun writes:

A University of Alberta professor I know sent me a lengthy article he’s trying to get published, entitled: “Let’s get while the getting’s good.”

In it, Leon Craig, professor emeritus of political science, lays out a case for Alberta to declare unilateral independence. And he lays it out well.

Craig makes no bones about it.

Alberta, he says, should go it alone.

Almost overnight, we would become one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

Craig (What a cool name) insists that by freeing itself from the control of liberal socialist government that has destroyed the rest of their nation, Alberta could once again get back to the traditional values upon which their nation was founded.

Our social policies — marriage and family matters, medicare, civil and religious freedoms, etc. — would no longer be imposed by the Supreme Court and a handful of Ottawa mandarins.

We could establish our own laws to deal with crime and punishment, and our own separate relationship with the Americans.

If we don’t do these things now, he says, we’ll sink with the Canadian ship.

Where have I heard this before?

Craig DeLuz

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