Anti-Arnold Campaign Bares all…Including Breasts!

Despite being told by a US District Judge that there was not constitutional protection for those who wish to protest in the nude, a group called Breasts Not Bombs chose to expose their breasts in protest to Governor Schwarzenegger’s reform initiatives.

The Associated Press is reporting:

Two women, members of a group called Breasts Not Bombs, were arrested after they stripped off their tops in public to protest measures backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at an upcoming California referendum.

Arrested were Sheryl Glaser, 45, and Renee Love, 40, both charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and violating the conditions of the group’s demonstration permit, authorities said.

“Once they bared all, they were arrested,” said Officer Tammy DuTemple.

As if that wasn’t stupid enough, California State Senator Gloria Romero (D- Los Angeles) chimed in suggesting that the state legislature should pass a law clarifying exactly what constitutes indecency when it comes to baring one’s breasts:

“Exactly what is it that we are dealing with when we talk about the indecency of the breast?” she asked. “If a woman were holding a baby here today and breast-feeding, would she have been arrested?”

The San Francisco Chronicle Quoted Sen. Romero as saying:

“What’s the difference between a male or female areola?” Romero asked. “Is it the size? Do we take out our measuring tape? I know women who are a size 31 AAA. I also know men who have larger breasts than women.”

Memo to Democrats: If you truly want to know what constitutes indecency, just take a look at your legislative agenda!

PS. For those of you hoping to see pictures….SIKE!!!!!!

Craig DeLuz

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