Are the Republicans the REAL party for African Americans? Craig Says ‘Yes’

Folks… I thought I heard everything from my brother, Craig. However, today – the 80th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – my brother argued (somewhat effectively) that the Republican Party is actually better-aligned with the issue interests of Blacks. That’s nothing new, as Blacks are thought to be rather conservative along a number of issues (crime and justice, abortion, religion, military service, and gun rights).

However, he also said something that shocked me: That America would be better off with McCain/Palin in the White House instead of Obama… Wow! Its one thing to say that Blacks are conservative, but its an entirely different thing to say the nation would be better off with the old guy and the young chick in charge – even with many conservatives holding their noses as they went to the polls to “support” the Republican ticket. But not Craig, folks! Oh no, not my brother! He obviously has not only drank the “kool aid” (yes, I said it!!!), but he’s in the back mixing up another batch for you and me to enjoy – NOT!

But, Craig said it, folks! Check it out

Let me know what you think….

Let’s pray for my brother… he obviously is in some sort of painful denial….