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New bill could raise the price of concealed weapons permit fees (Video)

(ABC 10) – Firearms Policy Coalition lobbyist Craig DeLuz, said because the bill language is so vague and removes any cap on what can be charged for permits, many people are going to be priced out of a CCW.

“So unless you’re elite and wealthy, you’re not going to be able to afford to get a CCW in some counties,” DeLuz said.

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Reacting to The Threat of/from Orlando (Video)

(THE OUTDOOR WIRE) – In California, Senator Isadore Hall called gun owners “crazy, vicious and heartless”. He doubled down and said if you were a gun owner you were responsible for the attack in Orlando and had (I’m not making this up) “a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.”


Kudos to the Firearms Policy Coalition of California for sending their lobbyist Craig DeLuz by Senator Hall’s office with a note -and a bar of soap.

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The DeLuz Brothers dreaking down this week in presidential politics

Following the California Primary, the presidential matchup is now set between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The De Luz brothers help break down what has been a busy week in politics.

California Ammunition Measures Promote Racial Profiling (Video)

(BEFORE IT’S NEWS) – “Politicians like Senator de León know that these programs encourage racial profiling and they just don’t care,” said Craig DeLuz, FPC’s California lobbyist and spokesperson. “In fact, not only are they aware that their policies result in negative profiling, it’s a core part of their gun control agenda.” – Craig DeLuz

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Bill to video gun buyers, add restrictions to shops pulled

Bill.to_.video_.all_.gun_.sales_.add_.restrictions.to_.shops_.000.pulled-1(GUNS.COM) – “We have spent a lot of time and energy building a coalition against the measure,” said DeLuz. “So far, the ACLU and the CA Pawn Brokers were opposing it. And your gun bill has to be pretty bad for the ACLU to oppose it.”


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FPC’s Craig DeLuz Frustrates Legislator’s Anti-Gun Agenda and Destroys AB 1673

(FPC) – Check out the video below of FPC Legislative Advocate Craig DeLuz in action, educating the California Assembly Public Safety Committee as to why AB 1673 makes no sense whatsoever.

AB 1673, authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D-Carson), re-defines “firearm” to include “…the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver”

An unfinished frame can include a block of aluminum or a sheet of metal.

AB 1673 would also require that these same bricks or sheets of metal be transferred through a licensed dealer, submitted through DROS and subjected to an unconstitutional 10-day waiting period.

Not only was Craig successful at totally frustrating the author, he was also successful in convincing the Chair of the committee to postpone the bill for the time being.

Local Republicans struggle with possibility of Trump nomination

abc 10 trump craig(ABC 10) – “I could not stay a registered Republican if Donald Trump were to be the nominee,” DeLuz said, “and I honestly believe I’m not alone.”

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Gun debate: Californians support more gun control, poll finds

(Contra Costa Times) – DeLuz, from the Firearms Policy Coalition, said ultimately polls don’t matter so long as the courts keep upholding gun owners’ rights. “The right to keep and bear arms is not up for popular debate,” he said. “It’s a constitutionally enumerated CIVIL RIGHT.”

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With Obama’s orders, gun control activists sense momentum

obama tears(San Francisco Chronicle) – “The firearms-owning community, particularly in California, tends to span the spectrum from far right to far left, economics from poor to Silicon Valley types — and include a lot of immigrants,” DeLuz said. “A lot of folks come here from other countries where they don’t have the rights they do here, like the right to bear arms, and I don’t think they have any interest in giving up those rights.”

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Craig DeLuz takes on Anti-Gun Australian Media

Craig became an international gun rights activist as he takes on Australias anti-gun national media.

Teaser & Trailer for UnBelievers

While Craig did not make it into this trailer, it is nonetheless and exciting introduction to this dynamic film. Craig does have a small but exciting role in the movie as Officer Stevens.

Craig was in this earlier teaser trailer. Check it out

Obama’s plan already the law in California, gun-rights advocates say

gun store(Fresno Bee) – “But DeLuz added that he worries about how an executive action by the president would be implemented. “The president doesn’t respect the Second Amendment. Why would he respect any other part of the Constitution (ie. seperation of powers) ?”

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The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates

The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates on ABC10

Political twins David and Craig DeLuz break down this week’s presidential primaries debates.

Sacramento Film Works – Triple Threat Ben Vereen

This Episodes of Sacramento Film Works ir of episode feature the man, the myth, the legend Ben Vereen!

Part One


Part Two

Trailer for RELLIK

David Nevin and Dante Valentino are the perfect partners, one calm and analytical, the other hot-headed and driven. But when a killer begins targeting women and children, ghosts from each of their pasts pull them apart. And when their Captain announces the case is being taken over by the FBI, they literally fight to stay on the case. What neither detective realizes is that finding this killer, may end both their careers…if not their lives.

Concept Trailer for Wind In The Willies

Checkout the exciting trailer for the upcoming feature film Wind in the Willies.  Craig plays Detective Calloway, the cop who investigates the gruesome crimes.

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DeLuz Brothers Talk Trump, Rubio & Clinton Server Scandal on News 10

The DeLuz Brothers talk Trump, Rubio and Clinton server scandal on Sacramento’s News 10 morning show.


In this episode, we sit down with JD Ayers, whose been peforming and coordinating stunts for movies and television for decades. And our Spotlight Guest, a’ Ali de Sousa is promting his new film project”Broken Heros”

California School Districts head down familiar path on debt and taxes

grant_high_school1I have always believed that if voters are going to be allowed to selectively choose to tax a specific segment of our community, that vote should require a supermajority. In the case of school bonds, that used to be the case. Not any longer.

In a recent Sacramento Bee commentary, Ed Ring points out how a change in the voter thresh-hold has opened the door to the potential abuse of taxpayers:

Every few years in November, moviegoers are treated to another James Bond film filled with deception, mystery and mayhem. Judging by the previews, the upcoming installment, “Spectre,” will be no exception. But as more voters are learning, Agent 007 isn’t the only Bond to wreak havoc during election season. In California, education bonds have buried taxpayers in $200 billion of debt to bondholders through 2055.

Now, a report from the California Policy Center explains the consequences of this bond debt and reveals the playbook used to pass these dangerous schemes. Like a rigged game of high-stakes poker, taxpayers may have a seat at the table, but for years haven’t stood a chance against the politicians, construction companies and investors colluding for political and financial gain. By shining a light on this vested interest problem, citing cautionary tales and outlining recommendations for reform, this report offers Californians the tools to fight back.

If your district has proven to your voters to be fiscally responsible and present a solid plan as to how the bond money will be spent, voters will approve the bond. In Robla, we passed our first bond in over 23 years with over 72% voter support. So, it can be done.

In fact, prior to Prop. 39 more than half of all school bond measures passed. As pointed out in this article, today 80 percent of all school bonds are approved. And I think we can all agree that not all of those bond proposals were worthy of passage.

In 2000, passage of Proposition 39 ushered in a new era of borrowing. The measure lowered the required threshold for passage of local education bonds from two-thirds to 55 percent. Since then, 80 percent of these bonds – 911 out of 1,147 proposed – have passed, totaling $110.4 billion in debt. Previously, these bonds had just a 50-50 chance of winning approval.

Let us not forget why the 2/3 vote thresh-hold was passed in the first place: because voters believed that state and local politicians abused their taxing authority. Unfortunately, the old  adage is true, “Those who do not learn from history  are doomed to repeat it.”

With this lower threshold, school districts have become more aggressive in pursuing construction projects. Combined with vague language and suppressed information (for example, projections of assessed property valuation and school enrollment are not easily accessible), voters are served a poisonous bond-measure cocktail, resulting in $200 billion of bond debt for California.

The case of Poway Unified School District is instructive. In 2008, the district asked voters to authorize borrowing $179 million to finance capital improvements, and the measure passed with 63.9 percent support. Today, thanks to controversial debt-financing practices that resulted in ballooning interest, property owners face $1.27 billion in debt service through 2051 – all thanks to a $179 million bond measure that garnered less than two-thirds support. Although district voters held school board members accountable for their actions, the burden on taxpayers cannot be undone.

Elsewhere, districts have claimed that Proposition 39’s ambiguous language gives them free rein to spend construction bond dollars. The Los Angeles Unified School District’s failed technology program provides a recent example. The LAUSD purchased iPads with proceeds from several construction bonds approved before the gadgets were even invented, leaving future generations on the hook for technology that may not even be around for them.

So, note to my fellow school board members: Let us not go down that path again. Voters have proven once that they are more than willing to take our authority away as we prove to be untrustworthy. And sadly, the true losers will be our kids.

Egghead Interactive’s Video 3.0

This is a promo video from 2013 for Egghead Interactive’s Video 3.0

Sacramento Film Works: The Composer

Emmy Award Winning Composer Alex Wilkinson and Spotlight Guest Trevor Smith of Disruptive Media Academy.

TV Pilot “RELLIK” on News 10 Sacramento

Craig plays Detective Dante Valentino in this new crime thriller being directed by Strek Voyager’s, Tim Russ

Sacramento Film Works: The Talent Agency

Chandra Bourne of Cast Images Talent Agency and Mark Gonzales of Sac Film Scene.

Craig Joins the Cast of “RELLIK”, Directed by Tim Russ


Craig has been cast in a lead role in a new crime thriller “RELLIK”. He will have the honor of working with Emmy Award winning Director, Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager & ICarly).

DeLuz is a well-known media personality, appearing on TV and radio shows throughout the state of California. He has been on ABC’s Nightline and done commentary and analysis for local NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox affiliates. As an actor, Craig is best known for his work on stage as “Louie” (short for Lucifer) in Calvary Christian Center’s original stage production Oh Hell No: A Revelation of Hell. And as the host of Sacramento Film Works, Craig gets a chance to interview the movers and shakers from throughout Northern California’s filmmaking community.

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