Bill Lockyer to Host Conservative Art Exhibit?

I call this piece “Welcome Home Bill!”

I tried to avoid the whole “Steve Percy- Tanks to Mr. Bush” controversy. But after seeing the entire art exhibit, I had to chime in.

That’s right! Today I visited the display at the California Attorney General’s Office and saw it for myself. And to make a long story short, there was very little art. But a whole lot of political speech. So I figured; since the AG is open to the idea of hosting artistic displays of political free speech maybe he will consider some of these pieces:

Clinton the Early Years

The Evolution of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Getting Tough on Crime!

For real though…

Move America Forward really is trying to put together an “I Love America” art exhibition to be displayed outside the AG’s offices. Click here for more details!

Also, sign the petion Asking Bill Lockyer to take down the display. Click here!

Craig DeLuz

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