Blacks Choosing Moral Values Over Party Values


Dr. Fred Price

At a time when California Republican Party Leadership is trying to get away from socially conservative issues, claiming that they are too divisive. Black pastors, who have traditionally ranged from liberal to non-partisan seem to be taking a hold of them.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting of efforts by Black Pastors to encourage their congregations and other pastors to fight against the legalization of same sex marriage and to support candidates for office who’s policies are more in line with their Christian moral values.

Black Democrat leadership is reacting with concern and confusion about how to stop this movement.

“I am frightened by what is happening,” said Rep. Major R. Owens, an 11-term Democratic congressman from New York who has been conferring with colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus. “Our party is in grave danger. This Republican movement is going to expand exponentially unless we do something.”

Their response will inevitably be to try and frame their issues ( i.e. redistribution of wealth, expansion of abortion & redefining marriage) as moral issues. But they clearly lack the wisdom to understand a very basic truth.

Moral Values without morality has no value.

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Craig DeLuz

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