Boys Fall Behind Girls In The Classroom. Is It Time To Worry?


According to an article in The Detroit News yesterday, the academic performance of male students is lagging drastically behind that of female students. This has resulted in women being more likely to be admitted to and eventually graduate from college. Additionally, women are receiving post-graduate degrees at a rate much higher than men.

Now before we start instituting affirmative action programs for men, let us consider what the root causes of this demographic shift. I believe that a lot of what we are looking at is the lack of significant male role models in the lives of our young men.

Consider that the number of children growing up in fatherless households is on the rise. The National Center for Fathering reports that less that 50% of children will spend their entire childhood in an intact, two parent household.Also bear in mind, that the number of males going into the teaching profession is at an all time low. In an article entitled “Are Male Teachers on the Road to Extinction” the NEA reported that in 2004, just 21% of the nation’s 3 million teachers are males and less than 9% of all elementary school teachers are male.

This means that at home and at school (the two places children spend most of their time), young men are likely to have no male role models. It is clear that too many of our young boys are not being prepared for their futures as men. And I don’t know that this fact will change anytime soon; at least not until us (men) get on our job.

Craig DeLuz

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