California Assisted Suicide Bill is Brought Back to Life

That’s Right! Thanks to the legislature’s “gut and amend” process physician assisted suicide is alive and well. All of the language of AB 654 (Berg) , which failed to get enough votes to pass the Assembly, has been put into AB 651 (Levine) which did pass the Assembly and is currently in the Senate.

AB 651 As introduced, dealt with disease management, but the amended version of AB 651 is the reincarnated version of the California Compassionate Choices Act. My guess is that the author, Assemblyman Levine believes that it will have an easier time passing in the Senate.

The good news is that this bill will have to come back to the Assembly again for passage. However, passage in the Senate may be enough to convince some Assembly Democrat holdouts to get on board.

In an interesting twist, a bill that would have ended the gut and amend process AB 92 authored by Assemblyman Tim Leslie (R-Tahoe) was put to death in it’s first committee hearing.

Apparently, it’s ok to kill people, but it’s not ok to kill bills that kill people.

Craig DeLuz

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