California Democrats “Gut and Amend” Moral Issues

Same Sex Marriage and Assisted Suicide are two of the most hotly contested issues in California. Bills that would have legalizing both were killed in the State Assembly. But thanks to a technical process known as “Gut and Amend”, Democrats plan to reincarnate both measures in the State Senate.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) is currently looking for a bill to hijack.

Despite a defeat in the Assembly and a likely veto from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, advocates of same-sex marriage plan to revive their legislation in the Senate.

Yesterday, they began using a legislative technique known as “gut and amend” to replace the provisions of an Assembly bill that’s already in the Senate with provisions from the defeated same-sex marriage bill.

Additionally, Assisted Suicide has been revived by Assembly members Mark Levine (D-Van Nuys) and Patty Berg (D-Eureka) ; a maneuver that went ignored by the mainstream media. But it was reported here “California Assisted Suicide Bill is Brought Back to Life” and Californians Against Assisted Suicide issued a press release stating:

“When the Assisted Suicide bill couldn’t muster 20 votes in the Assembly, the proponents declined to even bring it up for a vote,” said Tim Rosales, a spokesperson for the anti-suicide coalition. “The authors hijacked a bill that had already passed the Assembly and is in the Senate so they would not have to show how truly weak their support was.”

This just demonstrates the commitment and resolve held by those who seek to undermine the values of our culture. Defeat will not slow them down. They will not allow the will of the people or the rule to stop them, and will disregard both unless they fit within their agenda. Leno makes it clear that the fact that his measure violates the law and the will of the voters means nothing.

“I can continue the fight for a critically important civil rights issue,” said Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, the author of the same-sex marriage bill. “Why would I not go forward?

The enemies of moral values are well funded, politically savvy and have adopted a long term approach. On the other hand, our side is poorly funded, politically unrefined and have a tendency to be sporadic and reactive only to immediate threats.

It is crucial that we become proactive in the fight to preserve traditional values. We must be ready to fight at all times. And often we will be fighting the same battle over and over again. But it is crucial that we stand against every reincarnated, resurrected, reinvented and reintroduced version of the same immoral madness. And when all is said and done; be prepared to fight the battle again.

As the bible says, “…having done all to stand, Stand…”

Craig DeLuz

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