Canadian version of a guest worker program… Fast-tracking visas for foreign strippers.

As we here in the United States debate the merits of a guest worker program, our northern neighbors are debating the value of their own policies; in particular their “blanket approval” policy for visas to foreign strippers.

This morning the Ottawa Sun is reporting:

The Liberal government is “complicit” in the trafficking of women with a visa policy that fast-tracks foreign strippers and lap dancers, a Conservative MP charged yesterday.

Diane Ablonczy accused the government of misleading Canadians last year when it claimed to be “cancelling” the controversial policy of issuing temporary work permits to exotic dancers based on a labour market opinion from the Human Resources department.

But the “sordid truth” is that the welcome mat is still rolled out to foreign strippers, she told the House, citing a Sun story over the weekend.

Isn’t Canada another one of those “progressive” foreign countries that liberals here in America think we should emulate?

Craig DeLuz

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