Carry a condom or be convicted of a crime- Say that 10 times fast!

In Tulua, Columbia a measure is being considered that would require anyone over the age of 14 to carry a condom with them at all time. This would include men, women, youth and yes even priests.

The Associated Press is reporting:

Roman Catholic priests in a Colombian town are furious over a councilman’s proposal that people 14 and older must carry a condom at all times to reduce unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

William Pena, a councilman in Tulua, said Wednesday he will present a formal proposal requiring all men and women — even those just on a visit to the town — to carry at least one condom. Those caught empty-pocketed could be fined $180 or ordered to take a safe sex course, he said.

I don’t know that this idea merits serious commentary, let alone serious consideration. Let’s just file it under “Stupid Ideas Coming to a Liberal American City Near You.”

Maybe we should start a pool to see who proposes it first. My money is on San Francisco!

Craig DeLuz

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