Craig DeLuz

Writer, Actor, Public Speaker, Media Personality

Craig’s New Theatrical Demo Reel

CRAIG DELUZ: DEMO REEL from Craig DeLuz on Vimeo.

Checkout my new Theatrical Demo Reel!

Scenes included are from:
– The N-Word
– Capitol City Punishment
– Regrets
– California Kings

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Trailer for Junkie

Craig plays muscle for a local drug dealer in this small town crime thriller starting Christian Kane.

Teaser & Trailer for UnBelievers

While Craig did not make it into this trailer, it is nonetheless and exciting introduction to this dynamic film. Craig does have a small but exciting role in the movie as Officer Stevens.

Craig was in this earlier teaser trailer. Check it out

Trailer for RELLIK

David Nevin and Dante Valentino are the perfect partners, one calm and analytical, the other hot-headed and driven. But when a killer begins targeting women and children, ghosts from each of their pasts pull them apart. And when their Captain announces the case is being taken over by the FBI, they literally fight to stay on the case. What neither detective realizes is that finding this killer, may end both their careers…if not their lives.

Concept Trailer for Wind In The Willies

Checkout the exciting trailer for the upcoming feature film Wind in the Willies.  Craig plays Detective Calloway, the cop who investigates the gruesome crimes.

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TV Pilot “RELLIK” on News 10 Sacramento

Craig plays Detective Dante Valentino in this new crime thriller being directed by Strek Voyager’s, Tim Russ

Craig Joins the Cast of “RELLIK”, Directed by Tim Russ


Craig has been cast in a lead role in a new crime thriller “RELLIK”. He will have the honor of working with Emmy Award winning Director, Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager & ICarly).

DeLuz is a well-known media personality, appearing on TV and radio shows throughout the state of California. He has been on ABC’s Nightline and done commentary and analysis for local NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox affiliates. As an actor, Craig is best known for his work on stage as “Louie” (short for Lucifer) in Calvary Christian Center’s original stage production Oh Hell No: A Revelation of Hell. And as the host of Sacramento Film Works, Craig gets a chance to interview the movers and shakers from throughout Northern California’s filmmaking community.

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D. O. A. Episode 3 – Sins of the Father

Gideon flashes back to how it all started.


Candace Cheathon as Angel
Craig DeLuz – Gideon
Craig DeLuz Jr – Young Gideon
Alexandria Williams – Mariah
Byron Williams – Nat (Gideon’s Father)
Kari Woll – Anne (Gideon’s Mother)
Shaun Chieppo – Hitman 1
Ryan Miller – Hitman 2
Felix Munoz-Teng – Hitman 3
Kentrell Harrington Jr. – Ben

Director – Rick Borba
Director of Photography – Maximillian De Beni
Writter/Creator – Craig DeLuz
Editor – Craig DeLuz
Asst. Producer – Sobna DeLuz
Makeup Effects – Jazmine DeLuz

Special Thanks To:
Justin & Ericka Sizemore
Tracy Rifle & Pistol
Stoney Inn Bar & Grill
and Sacramento Casting

D.O.A. Episode 2 – To Whom Much is Given


FBI Agent Samuel Pollack is hot on Gideon’s trail. In the meantime, Angel, (Gideon’s Agent) gives him a new assignment; one that’s a little more to his liking.

Craig DeLuz – Writer & Creator
Ricky Borba – Director
Maximillian De Beni – Director of Photography
Maximillian De Beni & Craig DeLuz – Editing

Ricky Borba – Agent Pollack
Michael Allen – Agent Daniels
Wayne Wilson – Det. Andrews
Amber Lucito-Marsh – Det. Jackson
Craig DeLuz – Gideon
Candace Cheathon – Angel
Keenan Johnson – Sen. Allan Munson
Forrest Jadick – Chief of Staff
Darrin Woll – Lobbyist

D.O.A. Diary of an Assasin Episode 1: Choices

(D.O.A.) is a look inside the mind of an elite assassin, Gideon. A killer with a strict moral code, Gideon serves as judge, jury and executioner.

Craig DeLuz – Writer & Creator
Ricky Borba – Director
Linda Cano – Director of Photography
Craig DeLuz & Ricky Borba – Editing


Brian Jagger – American Dream Guy
Tabitha Jackier Ward – Wife
Kayla Jagger – Daughter #1
Lindsey Jagger – Daughter #2
J Scott Moore – Business Partner
Jesse Twist – Big Tone
Jeremiah Groves – Henchmen #1
Kel Owens – Henchmen #2
Maximillian De Beni – Henchmen #3
Charlye Brooks – Mystery Woman
Andre Williams – Gangster
Craig DeLuz – Gideon

Dark Truths: The Movie in 3D

Craig plays “Julio” a Dominican gangster in Dark Truths; an Urban Crime Thriller, micro-budget, feature length state of the art 3D film that was shot in Placer County during the month of February in 2011. They use used new ways and new equipment to make all this happen.

Episode 3 of California Kings: I’m A Man Of My Word

California Kings Episode 3 from Ricky Borba on Vimeo.

In this new web series “California Kings”. Craig plays a violent, hot-headed drug trafficker named Andere.

Click below to see previous episodes:

Episode 1 – Don’t Push Your Luck

Episode 2 – You Two Know Each Other?

Trailer for New Web Series, California Kings

“California Kings” | Season 1 | Fall 2013

Director Trevor Smith
Director of Photography Alexander Bello
Writer/Producer Ricky Borba
Executive Producer Derrick Dawson

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Track : DropxLife – KingsxCross
Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Smosh – If Video Games Were Realistic 2

Craig appeared in this episode of you tube sensation, Smosh. This episode received almost 3 million views in less than a week.

The Greatest Cup

Craig plays the head Roman Soldier in charge of Jesus’ beating and crucifixion.

In this powerful monologue, he explains how the experience has transformed him into a follower of Christ.

JESSE: A Modern Day Easter Story

Jesse is the son of a carpenter; born of a virgin. He has astounded millions with his teachings and miracle works. He has built a following that has caught the attention of the highest authorities in the land. And they have determined that Jesse Christian must die.

On trial for his life, Jesse is defended by Roman, a world class defense attorney who has never lost a case. He has defended the worst of the worst. His only faith lies in his ability to help the guilty go free.

This was supposed to be just another case. But Jesse Christian is not just another client. And his trial will be one that would change the world…FOREVER!!!

This modern day Easter story is sure to touch your heart and give you a greater understanding of what it means to be born again.

Oh Hell No: A Revelation Of Hell…

Pastor Joseph Warren is a passionate and God-fearing man who has dedicated his entire life to reaching the lost for Christ. Joseph is a man who seeks the Lord in every area of his life so, when he and his church body become the targets of an intense spiritual attack, Joseph immediately turns to God. God’s answer to his prayer is not at all what Joseph was expecting. A mysterious visitor, who he soon learns is an angel of the …Lord, has come to take Joseph on a Journey into HELL.

The Cup

Craig as Jesus Christ, ministering to his deciples during the Last Supper and being crucified.

Calvary Christian Center – Pastors Appreciation

The Theatrical Arts Ministry at Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, CA produced this video to honor our Pastor, Dr. Phillip G. Goudeaux for Pastor’s Appreciation 2011.

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