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The DeLuz Brothers dreaking down this week in presidential politics

Following the California Primary, the presidential matchup is now set between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The De Luz brothers help break down what has been a busy week in politics.

California Ammunition Measures Promote Racial Profiling (Video)

(BEFORE IT’S NEWS) – “Politicians like Senator de León know that these programs encourage racial profiling and they just don’t care,” said Craig DeLuz, FPC’s California lobbyist and spokesperson. “In fact, not only are they aware that their policies result in negative profiling, it’s a core part of their gun control agenda.” – Craig DeLuz

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Bill to video gun buyers, add restrictions to shops pulled

Bill.to_.video_.all_.gun_.sales_.add_.restrictions.to_.shops_.000.pulled-1(GUNS.COM) – “We have spent a lot of time and energy building a coalition against the measure,” said DeLuz. “So far, the ACLU and the CA Pawn Brokers were opposing it. And your gun bill has to be pretty bad for the ACLU to oppose it.”


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FPC’s Craig DeLuz Frustrates Legislator’s Anti-Gun Agenda and Destroys AB 1673

(FPC) – Check out the video below of FPC Legislative Advocate Craig DeLuz in action, educating the California Assembly Public Safety Committee as to why AB 1673 makes no sense whatsoever.

AB 1673, authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D-Carson), re-defines “firearm” to include “…the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver”

An unfinished frame can include a block of aluminum or a sheet of metal.

AB 1673 would also require that these same bricks or sheets of metal be transferred through a licensed dealer, submitted through DROS and subjected to an unconstitutional 10-day waiting period.

Not only was Craig successful at totally frustrating the author, he was also successful in convincing the Chair of the committee to postpone the bill for the time being.

Local Republicans struggle with possibility of Trump nomination

abc 10 trump craig(ABC 10) – “I could not stay a registered Republican if Donald Trump were to be the nominee,” DeLuz said, “and I honestly believe I’m not alone.”

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Gun debate: Californians support more gun control, poll finds

(Contra Costa Times) – DeLuz, from the Firearms Policy Coalition, said ultimately polls don’t matter so long as the courts keep upholding gun owners’ rights. “The right to keep and bear arms is not up for popular debate,” he said. “It’s a constitutionally enumerated CIVIL RIGHT.”

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With Obama’s orders, gun control activists sense momentum

obama tears(San Francisco Chronicle) – “The firearms-owning community, particularly in California, tends to span the spectrum from far right to far left, economics from poor to Silicon Valley types — and include a lot of immigrants,” DeLuz said. “A lot of folks come here from other countries where they don’t have the rights they do here, like the right to bear arms, and I don’t think they have any interest in giving up those rights.”

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Craig DeLuz takes on Anti-Gun Australian Media

Craig became an international gun rights activist as he takes on Australias anti-gun national media.

Obama’s plan already the law in California, gun-rights advocates say

gun store(Fresno Bee) – “But DeLuz added that he worries about how an executive action by the president would be implemented. “The president doesn’t respect the Second Amendment. Why would he respect any other part of the Constitution (ie. seperation of powers) ?”

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The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates

The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates on ABC10

Political twins David and Craig DeLuz break down this week’s presidential primaries debates.

DeLuz Brothers Talk Trump, Rubio & Clinton Server Scandal on News 10

The DeLuz Brothers talk Trump, Rubio and Clinton server scandal on Sacramento’s News 10 morning show.

California School Districts head down familiar path on debt and taxes

grant_high_school1I have always believed that if voters are going to be allowed to selectively choose to tax a specific segment of our community, that vote should require a supermajority. In the case of school bonds, that used to be the case. Not any longer.

In a recent Sacramento Bee commentary, Ed Ring points out how a change in the voter thresh-hold has opened the door to the potential abuse of taxpayers:

Every few years in November, moviegoers are treated to another James Bond film filled with deception, mystery and mayhem. Judging by the previews, the upcoming installment, “Spectre,” will be no exception. But as more voters are learning, Agent 007 isn’t the only Bond to wreak havoc during election season. In California, education bonds have buried taxpayers in $200 billion of debt to bondholders through 2055.

Now, a report from the California Policy Center explains the consequences of this bond debt and reveals the playbook used to pass these dangerous schemes. Like a rigged game of high-stakes poker, taxpayers may have a seat at the table, but for years haven’t stood a chance against the politicians, construction companies and investors colluding for political and financial gain. By shining a light on this vested interest problem, citing cautionary tales and outlining recommendations for reform, this report offers Californians the tools to fight back.

If your district has proven to your voters to be fiscally responsible and present a solid plan as to how the bond money will be spent, voters will approve the bond. In Robla, we passed our first bond in over 23 years with over 72% voter support. So, it can be done.

In fact, prior to Prop. 39 more than half of all school bond measures passed. As pointed out in this article, today 80 percent of all school bonds are approved. And I think we can all agree that not all of those bond proposals were worthy of passage.

In 2000, passage of Proposition 39 ushered in a new era of borrowing. The measure lowered the required threshold for passage of local education bonds from two-thirds to 55 percent. Since then, 80 percent of these bonds – 911 out of 1,147 proposed – have passed, totaling $110.4 billion in debt. Previously, these bonds had just a 50-50 chance of winning approval.

Let us not forget why the 2/3 vote thresh-hold was passed in the first place: because voters believed that state and local politicians abused their taxing authority. Unfortunately, the old  adage is true, “Those who do not learn from history  are doomed to repeat it.”

With this lower threshold, school districts have become more aggressive in pursuing construction projects. Combined with vague language and suppressed information (for example, projections of assessed property valuation and school enrollment are not easily accessible), voters are served a poisonous bond-measure cocktail, resulting in $200 billion of bond debt for California.

The case of Poway Unified School District is instructive. In 2008, the district asked voters to authorize borrowing $179 million to finance capital improvements, and the measure passed with 63.9 percent support. Today, thanks to controversial debt-financing practices that resulted in ballooning interest, property owners face $1.27 billion in debt service through 2051 – all thanks to a $179 million bond measure that garnered less than two-thirds support. Although district voters held school board members accountable for their actions, the burden on taxpayers cannot be undone.

Elsewhere, districts have claimed that Proposition 39’s ambiguous language gives them free rein to spend construction bond dollars. The Los Angeles Unified School District’s failed technology program provides a recent example. The LAUSD purchased iPads with proceeds from several construction bonds approved before the gadgets were even invented, leaving future generations on the hook for technology that may not even be around for them.

So, note to my fellow school board members: Let us not go down that path again. Voters have proven once that they are more than willing to take our authority away as we prove to be untrustworthy. And sadly, the true losers will be our kids.

TV Pilot “RELLIK” on News 10 Sacramento

Craig plays Detective Dante Valentino in this new crime thriller being directed by Strek Voyager’s, Tim Russ

Sacramento’s Political Twins talk 2016 Presidential Election

Sacramento’s political twins, Craig and David DeLuz, react to the start of the 2016 presidential campaigns. April 19, 2015

Red States are going to church… Blue States are going to Hell!

street-sign1Ok ….going to church does not necessarily mean that you are going to heaven. But according to multiple studies, it may mean that you are more likely to vote Republican.

In 2006 Gallop conducted a two year study into the correlation between voting tendencies and church attendance. And what they discovered is the following:

• Forty-two percent of Americans attend a church or a synagogue once a-week or almost once a-week; 43% say they seldom or never attend church.
How often do you attend church or synagogue?
Once a week 31%
Almost once a week 11%
Once a month 13%
Seldom 27%
Never 16%

• There is a strong correlation between frequency of church attendance and partisan voting tendency. The more frequent a person attends church the more likely they are to vote Republican. Conversely, the less frequent a person attends church the more likely they are to vote Democrat.
• The closeness of the national political divide is mirrored by the nearly even split between regular church attendees (42%) and non-church attendees (43%).
• Nine of twelve swing states in Presidential politics are within 4% above or
below the national frequent church attendance average (ie: they range between
38% to 46% frequent church attendance.)
• There are eleven states where frequent (once a-week/almost once a-week) church attendance is 50% or more. Each is a safe Republican voting state in Presidential elections.

This study was further bolstered by a 2014 survey which identified states with the most and least frequent church attendance. And it is no surprise that the 10 states with most frequent attendance are overwhelmingly Republican, while the states with the least frequent attendance are largely Democratic.

These studies do nothing more than shine a light on what has long been obvious to us BIBLE BELIEVING Christian voters. Of the two major parties, it is the Republican Party that is most consistent with our Christian values.

But it also raises an interesting question for “Christian” Democrats. How do you explain the inverse relationship between those who regularly sit under the word of God and those who vote for Democrats? And secondly, do they see themselves as an anomaly in this phenomenon or is their church attendance and belief in the biblical scripture just as shaky as those who don’t call themselves Christians?

The fact is many who call themselves Christians, spend very little time getting to know Christ. Few attend church more than two times a year; Christmas and Easter. And even fewer actually spend time reading the Bible or praying. I have even encountered those who claim to be Christian, but don’t believe in the Bible. And without exception, these folks have all turned out to be liberal Democrats.

Then there are those who do attend Church, pray and I believe love God. But for some reason, they continue to support candidates for public office who are actively working to promote laws and statutes that conflict with the word of God.

I will be the first to admit that the Republican Party isn’t perfect. But when it comes to supporting Christian Values, it stands head and shoulders above the Democratic Party. In my six years of studying God’s word as it relates to the role that Christians are supposed to play in civil government, I have discovered the following duties that we, as believers are called to do:

1. Pray for Leaders- whether we like them or not.
“Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers,intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.”[I Timothy 2:1-2]
“IF My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” [II Chronicles 7:14]
2. Select God Fearing Leaders- who Advance Christian Principles in Civil Government
“Moreover you shall select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens.”[Exodus 18:21](e.g., Federal—State-County/City)
“You shall appoint judges and officers in all your gates, which the LORD your God gives you, according to your tribes, and they shall judge the people with just judgment. You shall not pervert justice…” [Deuteronomy 16:18+]
3. Seek Knowledge and Wisdom (Biblical principles are to be the benchmark for selecting political parties, people (candidates for office), and ballot propositions.)
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” [Hosea 4:6a]
“Incline your ear to wisdom. And apply your heart to understanding. …Cry out for discernment… Then you will understand the fear of the LORD.” [Proverbs 2:2, 3, 5]
4. Take Action to Advance His Principles Until He Returns
“Occupy [do business on My behalf] till I come…” [Luke 19:13b]
“Faith without works is dead…” [James 2:26b]
“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required…” [Luke 12:48]
“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” [James 4:17]
5. Obey Governing Authorities and Laws
“Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” [Rom. 13:1] (see also I Pet. 2:13,14)
6. Resist Tyrants and Laws that Violate Scripture [Daniel 3 & 6, and
Acts 4 & 5] See Daniel 3 & 6 and Acts 4 & 5 for examples of godly individuals who violated man’s law in order to obey and honor God.
7. Teach Our Children the Biblical Principles (including their duty to select just leaders and the Biblical principles of Liberty); we must re-establish an inter-generational perspective
“And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children…” [Deut. 6:6-7a] (Also see Deut. 4:9 and Proverbs 22:6)

How many of us really do these things? I would say very few Christians do even half of them. If we did, we would not see the degradation in the moral values of our leadership that we see today.

Take for example my home state of California. Frequent church attendance stands at just 32% (23% once a-week and 8% almost once a-week) Placing the state near the bottom in frequent church attendance. Only six states have fewer people attend church on a regular basis. This is the same state who’s legislature was the first legislative body in the country to pass a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. How exactly is this in line with the values of Christian Democrats?

I would ask my Christian brothers and sisters to consider whether they have transformed their political world view to be consistent with their Christian faith or if they have perverted their faith to conform with their political beliefs. Are you a Christian first or a Democrat first? By their every action, the Democratic Party has demonstrated that they “despise” God. Do you?

No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. Matt 6:24

The cost of abusive lawsuits is taking a big bite out of California’s classrooms

(Smzl.ekopsiboACRAMENTO BEE) Although not the largest city in California, Sacramento is home to two of the state’s largest school districts. More than 100,000 kids combined are in Elk Grove Unified and Sacramento City Unified. But with this large size comes an even larger number – the costs of lawsuits.


Liberal Commentator Bob Beckel: Condi Rice is Too Middle-Class to be a Role Model for Blacks

Liberal commentator delcared that the first Black Secretary of State was not a good “Symbol” for people who live in the ghetto because she grew up in a middle-class Black family.

So, let me get this straight… Because Codolezza Rice was the daughter of two public school teachers in the Jim Crow south, she is a poor role model for inner city youth today? Really?

It is interesting how the “non-judgemental” folks on the left are always casting judgement of folks they disagree with or just don’t like.

Condolezza Rice grew up in the segregated south, where as she put it, “…parents can’t take thier daughter to a movie theater or a resturaunt…”. Her parent’s weren’t wealthy. They were school teachers. But somehow, Bob Beckel believes she was too privilaged to be held up as a role model for Black America.

I believe that she is the perfect role model!

She is proof that no matter what the circumstance you may grow up in you can overcome. She is proof that a two parent household works. She is proof that education can be the great equalizer and that determination along with focus can help you do anything to which you set your mind.

But then, only Republicans believe that to be true.

Democrats believe that we are controled by our circumstances; that dark forces around us (The white man or Republicans) have orchestated things so that Blacks can never get ahead.

I’m wondering where all the Black Liberal Leaders are in condeming Mr. Beckel’s comments? Oh… I know why they haven’t said anything… Because as far as they are concerned, Condolezza Rice is not BLACK ENOUGH for them. The fact that she has left the LIBERAL PLANTATION means she is no longer one of them. She has chosed to free herself of the victim mentality that liberals have hoisted upon Black America.

But she is living prooof that not only shall we overcome… but we have overcome…. But too many of us just don’t know it yet.

Conservative Hysteria Over Common Core is Unfounded

stopfededI am tired of all the hysteria over Common Core!

I have been a conservative activist for almost 20 years. For 15 of those years I have been involved in education as a classroom teacher (5 years) and a school board member (almost 10 years). And our school district is in our fourth year of implementation of Common Core. So, I think I speak with a little authority on the subject.

I will tell you that the many of the concerns surrounding Common Core expressed by my fellow conservatives are off-base at best.

First of all, for those concerned about ultra, left-wing teachings that might be mandated by the folks in DC, please know there is no way the federal government could impose more left-wing standards on schools than those that have already been put in place by the California Legislature.

Prior to Commons Core, students were spoon fed opinions as though they were facts; and told to either agree or get a bad grade. Critical thinking had nothing to do with it. Under Common Core, students are to be given the facts and encouraged to arrive at their own conclusions. And those conclusions should be supported by the facts, not mere “feelings” as some have suggested. Isn’t that what we have been clamoring for in education? Yes… We need to be careful about the facts students are given; and ensure that they are given all the information and correct information. But that should be the case no matter what education standards we are using.

There has also been much criticism of the direction mathematics instruction is taken under Common Core; the emphasis on understanding  how a problem is solved as opposed to simply solving the problem. It may seem overly complicated. But all it is really doing is expanding the scope of learning from only figuring out  “what” the answer is to include ,  “How” that answer was arrived at and “why” it works.

This may seem nonsensical for simple math problems. But when students start working on more complicated mathematical computations, understanding the “how” and the “why” can be crucial to correctly solving the problem. My son, who is currently taking a high level math class in college recently ran into this very scenario. He and a few of his classmates each solved  a complicated problem using differing methods. They all compared notes on how they arrived at their answers; and guess what… they had the same answer! And when they went to the instructor, he shared with them his method and why he used it as opposed to any of the others. COMMON CORE IN ACTION!

I get the inherent distrust of any initiative that comes out of this White House. They have done little to prove that they know what they are doing. And I too am wary of any top-down mandates coming from the federal government, as I believe the best education decisions are made closest to the child. But lets leave the knee-jerk, anti-Obama-ism at the classroom door and engage in truly substantive discussions about how we educate our children.

The fact is, Common Core will be whatever WE make of it. It is a set of standards, NOT A CURRICULUM. We will get to develop the curriculum piece.

I have witnessed firsthand as the staff and administrators of the Robla School District have worked diligently to create the sort of educational programs that will make a difference in students’ lives. They are finally able to break the shackles of the “one sized fits all”, “teaching by the numbers” system that has failed our children for too long. They are actually able to teach; to be creative; to use their gifts to inspire and direct students in a way that works for them.

I remember reading  Newt Gingrich’s book “To Renew America” back in 1995. Specifically, I remember the section on education. It spoke of “Competency-based Educational System”; It spoke of maximizing the use of technology in education. It spoke of a system that created critical thinkers and freed teachers up to be facilitators of education instead of just lecturers.

The more I think about what I read, the more I realize he was describing Common Core. Just something for my fellow conservatives to consider.


Racist Face of The Liberal Left – Donald Sterling

Those on the left are always bragging about their open-mindedness and love of diversity. So, how could anyone on the left be racist? Well apparently the 2014 NAACP Lifetime Achievement Awardee did not get the memo. Los Angeles Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling was outed as a blatant racist as TMZ released tape recorded comments he made criticizing his girlfriend for blacks to games and posting pictures with them on social media.

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling to GF – Don’t Bring Black People to My Games, Including Magic Johnson

And while the enlightened left would love to blame this stupidity on conservatives, it turns out that Mr. Sterling is one of their very own. Politico published an article pointing out that while he is only a modest political donor, all his campaign contributions have gone to Democrats. But then again, that is no surprise. Racism is nothing new to the Democratic Party. They are the party that fought to keep slavery in place. They are the party that instituted Jim Crow. They are the party that founded the KKK, fought against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, support keeping students of color in failing schools and support the government funding of black genocide via Planned Parenthood. For many on the left, their relationship with blacks is a necessary evil. From the very beginning, they traded the right for blacks to join racially segregated labor unions in exchange for unwavering support of the Democratic Party by blacks. And this relationship has paid off in spades for Democrats, as history has proven that when blacks don’t show up and vote for them, democrats can’t win close elections. I am of no illusion that there are not racists on the right. But this incident just goes to show that there is plenty of racist hatred on the left, it’s just very well hidden.

Is Obama The Most Anti-Christian President Ever?


I usually try to be pretty level headed in my criticism of  the left, the President in particular. )I know my friends on the left would disagree. But they tend to see any disagreement with them as extremism.) But when I read an article,  America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President  by Wall Builder’s David Barton, I could not help but wonder if it was really true.

In the piece, Barton outlines a litany of actions taken by the Obama Administration that could be deemed hostile by those of Biblical Christian faith. And it is a long list! In fact, it is much longer than would have ever guessed… longer than I am sure most of his “Christian” supporters would like to believe.

I won’t go as far as saying that the President is behind all of these offenses.  Understanding how many major decisions he has to make on a daily basis, I doubt many of these rose to the level where he had to make the call. But he is the man in charge. It may not be his fault, but he is the one who is responsible.

So, to those Obama supporters who call yourselves “Bible Believing Christians”, how do rationalize backing a President who has allowed his administration to be so hostile to your faith?

And to those who are not Christian, is this an example of the “Tolerance” you are asking all of us to have? Is it truly tolerance?


Diversity Leads to Segregation?

130923070330_California-flag-640California has long been recognized as one of the most diverse states in the country. But in many communities, this has not lead to to a rich, multicultural environment. Instead, it has created a type of cultural segregation that undermines the very concept of cultural diversity.

The Associated Press reports the following in the California City of Watsonville:

Spanish is spoken in most homes and businesses in town, and one out of five households is linguistically isolated, meaning no one over 14 speaks English.

Rising immigration hasn’t made Watsonville more diverse; it is a community heading toward racial isolation, a growing phenomenon in a state that offers one possible look at how the nation may change as non-Hispanic whites become a minority in the coming months.

Now keep in mind, this is not a phenomenon that is unique to the Latino community. The same can be observed in the Asian, East Indian and Slavic communities.

How can this be? Well, there was once a time when those who immigrated to the US made it a priority to assimilate to the culture of their new country. Learning English was a priority.  Individual responsibility and economic opportunity were inexplicably linked.

But today, we foster an environment that discourages immigrants from becoming American. We entice them to live here. We offer a wealth of benefits to those who come here (legally or illegally). So, we have created a situation that encourages them to maintain their own separate identity which is largely affiliated with the country of their origin. So, instead of being “Mexican Americans” they tend to be more like “Mexicans in America” or instead of “Chinese Americans” they tend to be “Chinese in America.”

“For me, downtown Watsonville is like being in a small Mexican town,” said Oscar Rios, who was Watsonville’s first Latino mayor. “Everyone speaks Spanish. The restaurants are Mexican. It’s got a very different feel than a traditional American town.”

This by the way, is not their fault. We have created this problem ourselves. We have created an environment that  accommodates lack of assimilation.

Walking past downtown’s historic Victorians, Nahara doesn’t notice that almost every sign is exclusively in Spanish, from the barber shop, “Cortes de Pelo,” to dress shop notices asking patrons to not bring in food or drink: “Por favor, no pase con comida o bebida.”

At the courthouse on the corner, interpreters are at work in all four courtrooms, helping judges and lawyers communicate with clients dealing with everything from divorce settlements to murder charges. At the public library, laughter, stories and music ring out from Bilingual Toddler Time.


I believe that diversity is good. It is one of the key things that makes our country the greatest place to live in the world. No where else can people from so many different countries, cultures and religions live together is peace and prosperity.  I also believe that it is important for each of us keep our cultural heritage close to our hearts and never forget where we came from. It should be a vital part of who we are. But it should not be the sole determiner of who we are.

As a man of African & Italian decent who has grown up in America, the rich cultures of my parents informs my perspectives and values. But so does my background as an American, a Christian and a man. I am further enriched by the cultural backgrounds and experiences of those around me. All of these things combined create my unique “American Experience”.

But as we seek to isolate and separate ourselves from the rest of American culture, we defy one of the very pillars of American strength, true cultural diversity.

Bills on Brown’s desk have uncertain fate

bullets(Sacramento Bee) – An attack on the Second Amendment or much-needed legislation to address gun violence?

California legislators considered that question repeatedly this year in committee hearings and in passionate, mostly partisan, debates on the Assembly and Senate floors.

“You have people who write this legislation who don’t understand the technology and thus don’t understand why the bill is a problem,” said Craig DeLuz, a lobbyist for the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees. “And in the end, none of these will end gun violence.”

Full Story

Craig DeLuz Sets The Tone in Debate Over Skinners Fatally Flawed AB 48 (Video)

Yesterday, several anti-gun measures were heard in the California State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee.

Cal-FFL’s Legislative Advocate, Craig DeLuz set the tone as he pointed out one of the many flaws in Assembly member Nancy Skinner’s AB 48.

KGO-TV out of San Francisco aired a report that focused on the issue that AB 48 would turn parents or scout leaders into criminals for providing their kids ammunition while teaching them how to safely use firearms.

“I take my daughter to the firing range to teach her how to use our legally-owned firearm and by handing her a magazine with ammunition in it, I am now in violation of the law, and she is now in violation of the law,” said Craig DeLuz from the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees.

The Sacramento Bee reported on an exchange between DeLuz and Skinner regarding the possibility of gun rights groups supporting her measure.

Skinner asked if the industry associations would support or be neutral on her bill if she amended it to satisfy those concerns.

DeLuz responded by saying he has a 10-page list of deficiencies in the measure.

Despite excellent arguments made by gun rights advocates and the member’s stunning inability to address simple questions on the bill, AB 48 would eventually pass out of the committee on a party-line vote.

AB 48 will next be heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee.

History Channel’s “The Bible”: Does Race Really Matter?

the bible

This morning I finally got the chance watch the final installment of The History Channel’s groundbreaking new mini-series “The Bible. And let me say, I loved it! It had quality production value and was surprisingly Biblically accurate. All except one thing. The actors didn’t seem to accurately reflect the historical figures they were portraying.

I’ve been acting professionally (professionally meaning I’ve made little more than $1.00 acting) for a few years now. So, I have reviewed more than my share of casting calls. Most are very specific when it comes to the race of each character. Although, it is not uncommon for some roles to go to actors of other ethnic backgrounds. But one area where casting directors seem to hold firm to racial requirements are when it comes to historical projects.

A few years ago, a civil war movie was filming here in Sacramento at the State Capitol. Being a budding actor, I wanted to give it a shot as an extra. There was just one problem… There was no need for a Latino looking, Black man. I wasn’t white enough to be soldier or a legislator. But I wasn’t Black enough to be a slave (Not that they were casting many slaves for the scenes they were shooting here.)

The point is, race matters in movies… if the period being portrayed features those of European decent. Any other ethnicity, it doesn’t matter. There just seems to be something wrong with that. It’s not about affirmative action or anything like that. It just seems to me that if you are going to focus on being historically accurate, then that should include those portraying the characters of that time and culture.

I know right now, I’m driving some of my conservative friend crazy.

“Race doesn’t matter.”
“We should be a color-blind society.”
“Why do we need to divide ourselves?”

Sound familiar?

The truth is, race does matter. There was a time when Hollywood could get away with Elizabeth Taylor portraying an Egyptian (African) woman or Charlton Heston as as a Hebrew that was supposed to be dark enough to be thought an Egyptian (African) man. But that time is over!

There are tons of quality actors of varying ethnic backgrounds that could have filled these roles. Truth is, it’s not like the acting was all that fantastic. But Hollywood need’s to at least try to get actors who look like the characters they seek to portray.

Image how well “Les Misérables” would have been received if it featured an all Chinese cast. What if “Patriot” (one of my favorite “based on a true story” movies about the war for American independence) featured an all Latino cast? How seriously would you take these movies?

Yes, one can argue that some of the characters are fine as Europeans. But most? Really?

Consider the region we are talking about. Or how about the fact that the Bible actually describes Jesus as other than a blue eyed European with straight hair? I’m just saying…

If Hollywood can go out of it’s way to find race appropriate actors in for Eurocentric projects, let’s try a bit harder in those projects featuring peoples of other ethnic backgrounds; if for no other reason than historical accuracy.