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Pro-gun foe sworn in as California attorney general

xavir-becerra-confirmation(GUNS.COM) – “He’s made it clear that he sees the Second Amendment as a second-class right, not worthy of the same deference as other civil rights,” Craig J. DeLuz, director of communications with the Firearms Policy Coalition, told in an email Tuesday. “He’s also committed to working with those of us who disagree with him on gun rights to ensure transparency and accountability in California’s Department of Justice. We look forward to holding him to that commitment.”


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Craig DeLuz – It’s About Civil Rights (Video)

(MODESTO BEE) – Calling gun ownership a fundamental, constitutional, inalienable right, DeLuz, who also is an actor and media commentator in the Sacramento area, also fired up the audience. “I don’t need you to sit there and tell me you don’t know why I need a 30-round magazine,” he said. “… It doesn’t matter if you don’t see a need for me to own more than one gun. … My fundamental right to be able to defend myself and my family has nothing to do with what you believe I need.”

He later added, “When we run for office and go to serve the public, we swear an oath to defend this nation from enemies foreign and domestic, and that is up to and including a tyrannical government. Our founders got that, that’s the reason why they put (the Second Amendment) there.”

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Highlights of FPC’s Craig DeLuz speaking at the Pro 2A Rally in Modesto, CA on September 10, 2016.

Here is Craig’s entire speech:

UC Davis begins nation’s 1st gun violence research center (Video)

(KCRA) – “We are not against research at all, but research has to be objective,” DeLuz said. “Treating firearms or firearm violence like a disease is completely wrong because it removes the component of human behavior.”

DeLuz fears the research will become a slippery slope to more gun control legislation.

“From the very beginning, it’s been about fabricating statistics to support their already predetermined conclusion, which was increasing laws and gun control,” DeLuz said. “All that it’s going to do is disarm the good guys.”

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Apple to ‘disarm’ iPhones

20160817-WaterGunEmoji2-TamDuongJr-WEB-900x465(THE PIONEER ONLINE) – “It’s odd that a company which has fought for free speech and privacy rights would through its own actions subvert speech regarding another fundamental right; that being the right to keep and bear arms,” said DeLuz.

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Bid To Referend New California Gun Laws Is A Long Shot

gunbills063016(CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO) -“It’s going to be a challenge. Our prayers are with them. Unfortunately, it is not impossible but likely improbable,” says Craig DeLuz with the Firearms Policy Coalition. “Organizers of this effort basically have about six weeks in order to gather about a half a million signatures per referenda. So we’re talking about a grand total of about 3.5 million signatures.”


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The DeLuz Brothers break down the DNC National Convention

The DeLuz Brothers break down the DNC National Convention

California CCW Permitting Process Could Soon Get More Expensive (Video)

(CBS – 13 NEWS) – Craig DeLuz has a carry concealed weapon permit issued by Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

Deluz, also a statewide gun rights lobbyist, has had it for six years.

“A conceal carry permit is the only way a Californian can exercise his constitutional right,” DeLuz said.

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Firearms Policy Coalition: “Gunpocalypse” Gun Control Laws Will Lead to “Mass Non-Compliance.” And Worse?

courtesy-pinterest.com_(THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS) – “The Legislature ignored every rule in the book to fast-track their civilian disarmament agenda and herd the people into a state-wide gun-free-zone,” said Craig DeLuz, the director of public and legislative affairs for Firearms Policy Coalition.

Continued DeLuz, “There are still a dozen anti-gun bills pending in the Legislature, and while Governor Brown’s actions today were disturbing, Firearms Policy Coalition and our members will continue to fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment in California.”

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California Legislature Approves 12 Gun-Control Measures

GUNS (AP) – “The Legislature’s manic attack on law-abiding gun owners, democracy, and the legislative process jeopardizes not only civil rights but public respect for the law and our governmental institutions,” Craig DeLuz, a lobbyist for the gun-rights advocacy group Firearms Policy Coalition, said in a statement.


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New bill could raise the price of concealed weapons permit fees (Video)

(ABC 10) – Firearms Policy Coalition lobbyist Craig DeLuz, said because the bill language is so vague and removes any cap on what can be charged for permits, many people are going to be priced out of a CCW.

“So unless you’re elite and wealthy, you’re not going to be able to afford to get a CCW in some counties,” DeLuz said.

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Reacting to The Threat of/from Orlando (Video)

(THE OUTDOOR WIRE) – In California, Senator Isadore Hall called gun owners “crazy, vicious and heartless”. He doubled down and said if you were a gun owner you were responsible for the attack in Orlando and had (I’m not making this up) “a dirty, filthy mouth that needs to be washed with soap.”


Kudos to the Firearms Policy Coalition of California for sending their lobbyist Craig DeLuz by Senator Hall’s office with a note -and a bar of soap.

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The DeLuz Brothers dreaking down this week in presidential politics

Following the California Primary, the presidential matchup is now set between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The De Luz brothers help break down what has been a busy week in politics.

California Ammunition Measures Promote Racial Profiling (Video)

(BEFORE IT’S NEWS) – “Politicians like Senator de León know that these programs encourage racial profiling and they just don’t care,” said Craig DeLuz, FPC’s California lobbyist and spokesperson. “In fact, not only are they aware that their policies result in negative profiling, it’s a core part of their gun control agenda.” – Craig DeLuz

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Bill to video gun buyers, add restrictions to shops pulled

Bill.to_.video_.all_.gun_.sales_.add_.restrictions.to_.shops_.000.pulled-1(GUNS.COM) – “We have spent a lot of time and energy building a coalition against the measure,” said DeLuz. “So far, the ACLU and the CA Pawn Brokers were opposing it. And your gun bill has to be pretty bad for the ACLU to oppose it.”


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FPC’s Craig DeLuz Frustrates Legislator’s Anti-Gun Agenda and Destroys AB 1673

(FPC) – Check out the video below of FPC Legislative Advocate Craig DeLuz in action, educating the California Assembly Public Safety Committee as to why AB 1673 makes no sense whatsoever.

AB 1673, authored by Asm. Mike Gipson (D-Carson), re-defines “firearm” to include “…the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver”

An unfinished frame can include a block of aluminum or a sheet of metal.

AB 1673 would also require that these same bricks or sheets of metal be transferred through a licensed dealer, submitted through DROS and subjected to an unconstitutional 10-day waiting period.

Not only was Craig successful at totally frustrating the author, he was also successful in convincing the Chair of the committee to postpone the bill for the time being.

Local Republicans struggle with possibility of Trump nomination

abc 10 trump craig(ABC 10) – “I could not stay a registered Republican if Donald Trump were to be the nominee,” DeLuz said, “and I honestly believe I’m not alone.”

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Gun debate: Californians support more gun control, poll finds

(Contra Costa Times) – DeLuz, from the Firearms Policy Coalition, said ultimately polls don’t matter so long as the courts keep upholding gun owners’ rights. “The right to keep and bear arms is not up for popular debate,” he said. “It’s a constitutionally enumerated CIVIL RIGHT.”

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Craig DeLuz takes on Anti-Gun Australian Media

Craig became an international gun rights activist as he takes on Australias anti-gun national media.

The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates

The DeLuz Brothers Breaking down the Presidential Debates on ABC10

Political twins David and Craig DeLuz break down this week’s presidential primaries debates.

DeLuz Brothers Talk Trump, Rubio & Clinton Server Scandal on News 10

The DeLuz Brothers talk Trump, Rubio and Clinton server scandal on Sacramento’s News 10 morning show.

Sacramento’s Political Twins talk 2016 Presidential Election

Sacramento’s political twins, Craig and David DeLuz, react to the start of the 2016 presidential campaigns. April 19, 2015

Tell Gov. Brown to Veto Gun Control!

The 2013-14 Legislative Session is over. But the fight is not!

SB 53 is dead! But there are a number of anti-gun bills still on their way to the governor’s desk.

Go to and tell Jerry Brown to Veto AB 1014, SB 808, AB 1609 & SB 199.

Gun Violence Restraining Order Bill Draws Criticism 2nd Amendment Advocates

CAL-FFL’s Craig DeLuz points out that AB 1014 (Gun Violence Restraining Orders) allows the 2nd Amendment Rights of Californian’s to be taken away without appropriate due process.

Parents of Santa Barbara Students Doubt New Gun Laws Will Make a Difference

Bill Anderson, whose daughter is a UCSB student who happened to be in the sorority the suspect targeted in his manifesto, and CAL-FFL’s Craig DeLuz, father of a UCSB freshman both share with CBS Channel 13 News why they doubt new gun laws are not the answer.