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DeLuz Brothers TV Episode 3: Primary Election 2014 Recomendations

The 2014 Primary Elections are upon us and The DeLuz Brothers are offering their recomendations and insights on who to vote for and why.

Show Format:

ROUND 1 – Monologue
ROUND 3 – Debate

Then you decide!

DeLuz Brothers TV Episode 2: Affirmative Action in the 21st Century

Affirmative Action in the 21st Century:

– Has it created a level playing field?
– Is it still needed?
– Does it result in reverse discrimination?
– Can/should it continue to play a role in creating equality?

Show Format:

ROUND 1 – Monologue
ROUND 2 – Debate

Then you decide who won!

DeLuz Brothers TV – Episode 1: Why I’m a Democrat/Republican

bb-sams-democrats-vs-republicans-july-aug-1980David and Craig are most known for the fact that they are active members of different political parties. David is a devout Democrat and Craig is a committed Republican. And in this episode they discuss why they believe what they believe.
Show Format:

ROUND 1 – Monologue
ROUND 2 – Debate

Then you decide!

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DeLuz Brothers Launch DBTV

For years, the DeLuz’ have enjoyed many vibrant political debates at our family gatherings. Most of these discussions have featured the musings of two of Sacramento’s leading community activists and political figures; David & Craig DeLuz.

On Monday, April 29, 2014, The Deluz Brothers will be taking their fight to YouTube as they launch DeLuz Brothers TV (DBTV).

This will be three round bout featuring:

The brothers will breakdown their position on the topic of the day.

The battle continues as they go toe to toe punching holes in each other’s arguments.

This is where you get to join the brawl. Each brother will take a shot at answering questions submitted you… our fans on FaceBook.. (SO MAKE’EM GOOD!)

And in the end, you will get to pick the winner,

So don’t forget to send your questions and tune in:

MONDAY – APRIL 21, 2014


The Myth of Gun Free Zones (Video)

Anti-gunners are fully committed to disarming law-abiding citizens. And one of their favorite tools to do so is to create so-called “Gun Free Zones”.

If there is one thing that can we can learn from the recent shooting at Fort Hood, it is that GUN FREE ZONES DON’T WORK.

Craig DeLuz outlines how these supposed safe zones made victims of people by infringing on their right bear arms.

Excuse me, Senator – are you **really** pro-gun? (Video)

Many politicians claim to “support the Second Amendment” and say they are “pro-gun.” But are they really? How should we define “pro-gun?” In this video, Craig looks at how (for the 2013-14 California Legislative Session) legislators’ actions haven’t exactly lined up with their words.


California AG Kamala Harris & The Sacramento Bee Suport Jim Crow-style Gun Laws (Video)

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal has twice ruled that California’s License Carry Law violates the people’s constitutional right to bear arms in public for self defense. None-the-less, California Attorney General Kama Harris have come out in rabid support of this Jim Crow-style gun law.

Here Craig points out why they need to stand with Courts and CAL-FFL in the defense of right to carry in California.

Pro-Gun Sen. Wright Loses Gun Rights With Non-Violent Felony Convictions (Video)


After being convicted of eight non-violent felonies relating to election fraud, California State Senator Rod Wright will be forced to give up his Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms.

Here Craig lays out the details of the case and asks if we should reconsider the policy of depriving non-violent felons of their Second Amendment Rights.

Conceal Carry Permit Applications Spike In California

Following the Ninth Circut’s ruling on California’s CCW Law, the number of applications for a license to carry have gone through the roof.

Calguns Foundation’s Craig DeLuz explains to Fox 40 News how the process works.

Court Tosses Part of Concealed Firearms Law

The Ninth Circut Court of Appeals has ruled that California’s CCW Law requiring “Good Cause” is unconstituional. Craig DeLuz, with the Calguns Foundation tells Fox 40 News that these decisions can no longer be subjective and arbitrary.

Black History & The 2nd Amendment

Craig recognizes Black History Month with a brief discussion of how the Second Amendment was an integral part of helping African Americans secure equal rights.

Gun Rights Groups In Calfornia Seek to Recall Anti-Gun Legislators

As the Legislative Advocate for the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, Craig discusses recent efforts to recall anti-gun legislators in California.

How Lawsuit Abuse Harms Education

As a School Board President for the Robla School District in Northern California, Craig points out that even when a lawsuit is clearly bogus, it is often cheaper for the district to settle outside of court instead of fighting it — encouraging more shakedown lawsuits against schools and reducing already scarce funding for education.

Lawsuit Abuse Wastes Tax Dollars


(Fox and Hounds) – As president of the Robla School District Board of Trustees, I take my duty to spend taxpayer dollars as effectively as possible very seriously.

That’s what makes it so frustrating when abusive lawsuits are filed against the district in search of a quick payday – something that happens with alarming frequency. With each lawsuit, the district has to use taxpayer dollars in its defense. When those dollars are diverted to courtrooms instead of classrooms, the only winners are the personal injury lawyers and those trying to cash in at the expense of California’s children.

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Advocates urge Gov. Jerry Brown to veto gun bills

guns (Sacramento Bee) With Gov. Jerry Brown days away from deciding the fate of a stack of gun bills, Second Amendment advocates today delivered to the governor’s office about 67,000 signed letters imploring him to veto the 14 prospective laws.

“California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and these 14 measures are particularly onerous,” said Craig DeLuz, a legislative advocate for the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees.

“Politically, we want to make sure he understands there are a lot of voters out there who believe in the Second Amendment — and that we are watching what he does.”

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Bills on Brown’s desk have uncertain fate

bullets(Sacramento Bee) – An attack on the Second Amendment or much-needed legislation to address gun violence?

California legislators considered that question repeatedly this year in committee hearings and in passionate, mostly partisan, debates on the Assembly and Senate floors.

“You have people who write this legislation who don’t understand the technology and thus don’t understand why the bill is a problem,” said Craig DeLuz, a lobbyist for the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees. “And in the end, none of these will end gun violence.”

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Santa Monica shootings rekindle gun control debate in Sacramento

In the wake of the recent shooting in Santa Monica, Democrats are all abuzz about Senator DeLeon’s SB 53, which would require permits to buy, sell or transfer ammunition. Cal-FFL’s Legislative Advocate, Craig DeLuz point’s out that this measure would have done nothing to stop this or any of the other recent shootings.

Senate Bill Seeks to Make Criminals Out of Firearm Owners

SB 299 would make criminals out of any firearm owner who does not report their gun stolen within 48 hours. Cal-FFL’s Legislative Advocate, Craig DeLuz speaks out against it.

Craig DeLuz Sets The Tone in Debate Over Skinners Fatally Flawed AB 48 (Video)

Yesterday, several anti-gun measures were heard in the California State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee.

Cal-FFL’s Legislative Advocate, Craig DeLuz set the tone as he pointed out one of the many flaws in Assembly member Nancy Skinner’s AB 48.

KGO-TV out of San Francisco aired a report that focused on the issue that AB 48 would turn parents or scout leaders into criminals for providing their kids ammunition while teaching them how to safely use firearms.

“I take my daughter to the firing range to teach her how to use our legally-owned firearm and by handing her a magazine with ammunition in it, I am now in violation of the law, and she is now in violation of the law,” said Craig DeLuz from the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees.

The Sacramento Bee reported on an exchange between DeLuz and Skinner regarding the possibility of gun rights groups supporting her measure.

Skinner asked if the industry associations would support or be neutral on her bill if she amended it to satisfy those concerns.

DeLuz responded by saying he has a 10-page list of deficiencies in the measure.

Despite excellent arguments made by gun rights advocates and the member’s stunning inability to address simple questions on the bill, AB 48 would eventually pass out of the committee on a party-line vote.

AB 48 will next be heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee.

It’s Not About Religious Rights, But Religous Repsonsibility

Craig spoke at at the Stand for Religious Freedom Rally in San Francisco California. His talk focused on the responsibility we all have to vote our values.

Eco-Tyrany in California

Craig speaking at the Rally Against Cap & Trade at the California State Capitol Building.

The Stand for Religious Freedom Rally, Sacramento

Craig DeLuz speaking at the Stand for Religious Freedom Rally in Sacramento, CA

The Truth About Black Genocide

Highlights from Frederick Douglass Foundation of California C.E.O., Craig DeLuz’s talk at the 2012 Black Life Conference

Debating The California Dream Act

The California Dream Act is now law. Meaning, illegal immigrants are now eligible to receive state funded financial to attend college.

Craig was invited on New 10 to discuss the issue with a local trial lawyer.