Come Back to the Republican Wing of the Republican Party!

Donna Schalansky
Sacramento County Repulican Party Chairman

Last night the Sacramento County Republican Party refused to support a resolution in favor of Traditional Marriage. Below is a blow by blow account from Angela Azevedo, Legislative Director for the Eagle Forum of California.

Tonight I attended the Sacramento County Republican Party Central Committee meeting. It was the most disgusting display of conservative versus liberal Republican politics I have ever witnessed. Last month one of my Sacramento Republican Assembly members brought forth a motion to waive the first reading of the resolution by Assemblyman Tim Leslie in support of Congressman Dan Lungren’s March 17, 2005 statement in support of marriage between one man and one woman; the motion to waive failed and was tabled for this month’s meeting.

A motion to table indefinitely was made by member Chuck Hobson and was seconded by Congressman Dan Lungren’s own appointed (and staff member) alternate, Peter Takeishi. Peter even voted in support of tabling the matter indefinitely, citing that Congressman Lungren wished the SCRP not to consider the resolution and stick to the SCRP’s strategy to focus on voter registration. The California Republican Party’s own party platform supports marriage between one man and one woman. Yet the Congressman, who signed the marriage protection pledge, refused take a position on a resolution that gives him credit for sticking to traditional marriage values.

Two other Central Committee alternates, the alternates for Gary Podesto and Roger Niello, also voted in favor of tabling the motion, even though Assemblyman Tim Leslie, who was in attendance of tonight’s SCRP meeting, strongly urged Central Committee members to support the resolution.

If you are as angry as I am, I urge everyone who are constituents of Congressman Lungren and Assemblyman Roger Niello, to write them and let them know that they’re representatives to the Central Committee are not standing to protect the sanctity of marriage. I don’t know how to get hold of Gary Podesto since he is no longer the mayor of Stockton. But if anyone has an address for him, I would appreciate it if you could forward that information. Tonight I witnessed members of the county party show that they are nothing but puppets to the SCRP Chairman Donna Schlansky and the overwhelming voting members of the Log Cabins, to vote against the resolution to support marriage between one man and one woman.

If ever there’s a need to stand united as a Party, as people of faith, and in support of the President’s Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, it’s now. I give thanks to Craig DeLuz who made the statement to the central committee that even Black Democrats support marriage between one woman, yet the SCRP won’t take a position.

Thank you for allowing me to vent …

Angela M. Azevedo, President
Sacramento Republican Assembly
State Legislative Director
Eagle Forum of California

For the first time last night I was ashamed to call myself a Republican. But I am not giving up my party that easily. I emplore you to let the Sacramento County Republican Party know that if they cannot support Traditional Marriage we will not support them.

2005 – 2006 Sacramento County Republican Committee Members
(Click on name for email address)

Chairman- Mrs. Donna Schalansky
1st Vice- Chairman Mr. Jim Bopp
2nd Vice- Chairman Mr. Richard Fiechtner
3rd Vice- Chairman Mr. John Madriz
4th Vice- Chairman Mr. Don Faller
Treasurer- Mr. Charles Hobson
Secretary- Mrs. Amber Schalansky-Fretwell (No Email)
Executive Director- Mrs. Karen Atteberry (No Email)

You can also call and fax the County Party office at:

(916) 925-1850 Fax (916) 925-0933


Lets encourage them to Come back to the Republican Wing of the Republican Party!

Craig DeLuz

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