Congress Rates Worse than Colonoscopies But Better Than a Sharp Stick in The Eye

AP0901060255551-e1323728513880Politicians have long been held in a negative light. And Congressional poll numbers have spent the better part of last decade in the toilet. But now they have hit a new low.

According  to Public Policy Polling, voters prefer a commonly mocked, invasive medical procedure to the US Congress:

U-S Congress only has a 9% favorability rating with 85% of voters viewing Capital Hill in a negative light. That’s according to Public Policy Polling, whose researchers found that Congress is less popular than cockroaches, traffic jams, and even the band Nickelback.

Those aren’t the only comparisons voters were asked to consider: Despite screwing up most of the games they officiated, the NFL replacement refs rate higher with a 56% approval rating. Colonoscopies are not much fun, but they also serve a purpose. Voters favored colonoscopies over their congressman 58 to 31%.

The saddest part of this is the fact that we have the exact congress we deserve. We put them there!

Education, Entertainment, News Media & Government are not merely influencers of our culture, they are reflections of our culture. So if don’t like what we see in them, then maybe it’s time we take a long hard collective look in the mirror.

If we don’t like congress, maybe we should rethink the folks we are sending to represent us in congress.