Connerly Moves On…


As Ward Connerly completes his 12 year term as a Regent for the UC System many are thankful. Some are glad to see him go. And others are grateful he was there.

I believe that he has been instrumental in forcing us to face and address the issue of race relations in this nation. Thanks to him, we have discovered that there are varying opinions on how far we have come. Like Bill Cosby of late, Ward Connerly said what no one else was willing to say. However, unlike Cosby, he was forced to endure an onslaught of personal attacks that no man deserves.

But what strikes me most is the character and integrity with which he faced this abuse. In the face of nasty name calling and constant ridicule, Mr. Connerly always carried himself with style and class. And while he and I disagreed on some issues, he never let that keep him from supporting me as I worked to improve the disadvantaged community where I live and he grew up in.

Few figures have been as controversial over the last 10 years. But I am sure Ward Connerly is not done yet.

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Craig DeLuz

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