Conservative kids are healthy kids!

Three out of four school age children in California are out of shape. this according to a statewide physical fitness report card just released. Interestingly, the local counties with the healthiest students are the most conservative politically.

So much for conservatives being “Fat-Cats”.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

Locally, Sacramento County scored below the state averages; Placer and El Dorado counties exceeded the state norms; and Yolo and Yuba counties were above average in two grades but slightly below in one.

Statewide, 1.37 million students in fifth, seventh and ninth grades were tested on body fat, flexibility, upper-body strength, aerobic capacity, abdominal strength and trunk extension.

First of all, it is sad that our children are unable to meet these very minimum standards of physical fitness. It is symptomatic of a culture that uses the computer, video games and the television to baby sit their children. It is also the result of public school system educrats who have been scaling down on physical education instruction for years.

Craig DeLuz

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