CTA TV ads target GOP legislators with lies from the left

As the budget battle heats up, the California Teacher’s Association has taken to the airwaves, attacking Republican legislators for not agreeing to vote for the “compromise buget”. The started with the generic ad below. But this morning, I saw the very same ad, only with a tag line at the end encouraging viewers to call Assemblyman Roger Nielo. I also have heard reports of the very same commercial targeting Todd Spitzer.

The funny part is that this commercial is full of lies:

1. “Teachers don’t know what to expect for our schools or how to plan for our students.” – School districts have already passed a budget for the 2008-09 school year. So, they do already know what to expect. Any teachers that would have been let go, already have been. Any cuts that would be required, already have been. And keep in mind, Republicans have already agreed to fully fund Prop. 98. This means that schools will get a $1.8 billion increase.

2. “Thats why lawmakers need to put the partisan bickering asside and pass a ‘common sense’ budget that raises revenue to protect education.” What they are really saying is that Republicans need to agree to raise taxes. The funny part is that most of the money from the proposed tax increases go to social welfare programs, NOT EDUCATION. But even having said that, why don’t they encourage Democrats to agree to common sense budget reforms like a hard spending cap or a rainy day fund?

3. “As a parent and a Republican, it’s time for my letislator to listen to me about schools, not the Republican leaders in Sacramento.” But Democrats should listen to the Democrat leader? This is the set up! But no partisanship here… right?

4. “Call your legislator and tell them to suppport the compromise budget today.” – The only proposed budget that is in print is no compromise. It is the product of the Budget Conference Committee that is dominated by Democrats and has yet to recieve one Republican vote. Even the Governor has insisted that this budget is out of line with what is best for California, and he is “Mr. Compromise”. All it does is raise taxes by $10 billion, increase spending by $3 billion, cuts law enforcement, contains no budget reform and continues to feed their spending addiction.

The truth is, CTA’s view of compromise equates to Republicans folding and doing exactly what THEY and the Democrats want. Don’t be fooled!