D.O.A. Episode 2 – To Whom Much is Given


FBI Agent Samuel Pollack is hot on Gideon’s trail. In the meantime, Angel, (Gideon’s Agent) gives him a new assignment; one that’s a little more to his liking.

Craig DeLuz – Writer & Creator
Ricky Borba – Director
Maximillian De Beni – Director of Photography
Maximillian De Beni & Craig DeLuz – Editing

Ricky Borba – Agent Pollack
Michael Allen – Agent Daniels
Wayne Wilson – Det. Andrews
Amber Lucito-Marsh – Det. Jackson
Craig DeLuz – Gideon
Candace Cheathon – Angel
Keenan Johnson – Sen. Allan Munson
Forrest Jadick – Chief of Staff
Darrin Woll – Lobbyist