DeLuz kids promote Volunteerism with California’s First Lady

I was doing some research for a work related project dealing with non-profit organizations in California and came across this picture at the website for California Volunteers. It is a picture of my daughter (Jazmine) and her brother (Craig) with Maria Shriver at the grand opening of the California Hall is fame. (Click Here to see the video)

I also found it interesting that the same picture can be seen when you go to the First Lady’s website. I’ll have to admit that it is kind of cool to see my kids out there promoting volunteerism with the First Lady and the Governor. But I have to lament that I have yet to get the same sort of access to this administration.

I have asked Craig and Jazmine to see if they could hook me up with the Governor and they have told me to have my people call their people. I thought I was their people! 🙂