Democrat bill forces employers to pay striking employees

AB 1884 would allow striking employees to receive unemployment insurance benefits while out on strike. And because employers are ones who pay for unemployment insurance, who do you think will be footing the bill that will result from increased claims?
According to the Inland Empire Business Journal AB 1884:

Increases the cost of doing business in California by forcing California employers to subsidize a strike against their own company by providing unemployment insurance benefits to workers unemployed due to a strike.

This measure is on it’s way to Governor Schwarzenneger for his signature or veto. He in fact vetoed a simular bill last year (AB 391 Koretz) declaring:

“Unemployment benefits are predicted on the principle that workers should receive assistance when they have lost their job through no fault of their own. This principle is key to maintaining the balance that prevents both employers and workers from taking precipitous actions to affect unemployment payouts. This bill disrupts that balance by allowing workers to receive unemployment benefits when they have initiated the process for a strike that results in a lock-out. Current unemployment insurance law already protects workers from lock-outs called by an employer when there is no strike notice. Essentially, this bill will require that businesses subsidize the strike actions of their workers. Unemployment benefits must be maintained for workers who lose their job through no fault of their own.”