Does Planned Parenthood cover up sexual abuse of children? Listen to the tapes and judge for yourself!

Publicly, Planned Parenthood claims to encourage teens to communicate with their parents. But this simply isn’t the case. And the Traditional Values Coalition has the tapes to prove it.

(Click Here) to hear over 90 phone conversations between a 13 year old girl and Planned Parenthood abortion clinics across the state. During each conversation, the girl intimates:

1. She is only 13 years old.
2. She may be pregnant (indicating that she is sexually active.)
3. Her boyfriend is 22 years old (Keep in mind, this is most likely the guy with whom she is having sex.)
4. She doesn’t want anyone to know. (She wants to cover up statutory rape.)

And in each and every call the Planned Parenthood representative assured the minor that nobody would know she was having sex with a 22 year old man!

Woodland, Chico, Sacramento, Orange, San Diego, Bakersfield…. Clinics in over 90 cities California cities are on this list. Check out how the Planned Parenthood in your neighborhood responded to the call.

Then (Click Here) to help us pass Prop 73- The Parent’s Right to Know Initiative!

Craig DeLuz

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