Don’t Forget…They’re Unions First!


I constantly find myself reminding folks that the California Teachers Association is not an education advocacy group. They are a Labor Union. The California Peace Officers Association is not a law enforcement advocacy group. They are a labor union! The California Firefighters Association is not a public safety advocacy group. THEY ARE A LABOR UNION!!!!


Heck, even the Sacramento Bee gets it! In a recent Op-ed they write:

The unions, with their insatiable appetite for bigger paychecks and richer retirements and their stranglehold on the leadership of the Democratic party, pose a growing and intractable threat to the future of the whole state, its children and schools included.

The job of the union bosses is to advocate for their members. Bigger paychecks, more benefits and squeezing out non-union workers are what they are all about. Educating our children comes second. As does enforcing the law and providing for public safety.

While the rank and file members of these unions have made serving the public their first priority, those who represent them are doing their best to break the bank.

Astronomical pay raises and pension benefits firefighters, police and prison guards have won at the state and local levels have propelled California and some of its cities and counties to the brink of bankruptcy. Government support not just for schools but for all the things that help families raise children – aid to the poor, roads and transit, health care, parks, effective law enforcement – is being slashed to pay these salary and retirement benefits.

So the next time you find yourself feeling sympathetic toward union protesters, keep in mind who they are really fighting for. And be assured that it is not us!

Craig DeLuz

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