Earn $100 for Watching MTV!

I received the following email regarding a post from back in February “Sex And Nudity On MTV?…I’m Shocked!!!!”

This individual has made an interesting accusation, but an even more interesting offer I thought you might like to take them up on.


You refer to your blog site as “Uncommon Sense” but perhaps it should be called “Uncommon Lies.” I just came across a story you carried on Feb. 4 of this year, which claims there is nudity and sex on MTV. While it is true that there there are plenty of sexual situations and verbal sexual references on that cable channel, it stops right there. MTV does not, I repeat, does not show nudity. It censors out all nudity at all hours of the day, period.

Anyone who claims to have seen nudity on MTV is either lying or hallucinating. In fact, I’ll issue a challenge to anyone who still thinks I’m wrong. I’ll pay $100 each for every verifiable incident of nudity on MTV. Don’t worry, I’m not risking anything by making this challenge. I’ve never had to pay out a dime on it and I never will.

To protect the integrity of your blog site, you should immediately disavow that story.


Terry Mitchell

This was my response:


Thank you for your comments, however obtuse they may be.

The quote that I used was from the CBS News article on MTV. I even made it a point to link to the article. So I think your accusing me of lying is a bit of a reach.

Not that I have any problem disavowing CBS News, but if you sincerely have a problem with the accuracy of their story, take it up with Dan Rather…ugh… I mean CBS News.

But I will also say this, there is very little difference between showing a woman completely nude and showing her in thong and a bra or with her exposed nipples distorted using computer graphics. And anyone who thinks there is a significant difference is either in complete denial, seriously needs glasses or is a poster child for the coarsening of our culture.

There is a reason why those in the rap industry have dubbed these women “Video Hoes.” Their provocative displays denigrate women, especially those who are professional dancers. These talented artists are being replaced in today’s music videos with less talented women who are willing to get as naked as legally possible on national TV in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator of modern culture.

Now as much as I disagree with it, I support their right to this! But I don’t think it should be on TV at all times of the day. AND IT IS!

And if MTV, VH1 and BET have a right to televise it, then I have a right to call my cable company and complain. Just as you have a right to conatct me and complain about my Blog.

You get an A for effort. But an F for substance.

Craig DeLuz

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