Eric Hogue to stay in Sacramento

“Where your opinion counts!”

That’s the motto at Salem radio station KTKZ. And it appears to be the motto of the network’s management as well.

Thanks, in part to all of the listener support and to some forward thinking folks on Salem’s management team, it looks like Eric Hogue will be staying on the air. However, it will not be in his usual morning spot on 1380AM.

The word is that KTKZ will be going forward with plans to go all syndicated, all the time. This will probably mean Lara Ingram live from 6-9 am, Dennis Prager live from 9-noon, followed by the usual lineup of Medved and Hughe in the afternoon.

Hogue will be switching over to KFIA 710AM, The Light from 5-8pm and continuing his political/cultural dialogue-type format. But because KFIA is a Christian format station, I would guess that his show will take on more of a “faith-based” perspective; a change that Eric is well equipped to handle.

Sadly, this will mean that Real Talk with Joe Pursch will no longer be on the air. I enjoy his show greatly and count him as a good friend. I believe that he will still be working with Salem and continuing the other ministry work he is doing in Sacramento.

I wish there was a way to keep them both. But if there is one thing that I have learned from this experience with the Eric Hogue Show, is that if the listeners want it to happen bad enough, Salem will find a way to make it work.

So I just want to say “Thank You!” to Salem Broadcasting for keeping conservative talk alive in Sacramento.

Please remember to drop Salem a line and thank them yourselves also!