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Who hasn’t heard of the controversial billboard in Los Angeles that declares LA a part of Mexico. Well Southern California patriots have reclaims LA as American Soil.

Viva La Revolucion!

Of course the saddest part is that such a statement needs to be made at all.

The Orange County Register quotes the owner of the station:

“I am surprised and saddened by the reaction,” said Lenard Liberman, co-owner of KRCA/62.
“Our intent with the ad was to instill pride in L.A.-area Hispanics and to promote a newscast – not to make a political statement.”

Does declaiming that the City of Los Angeles as Mexican territory truly “instill pride” in Hispanics? I don’t buy it.

Latino Americans like African Americans, Asian Americans and European Americans are here because this is the greatest country in the world. They are proud to call themselves “American” because it represents liberty and opportunity which is not present in the nation of their origin. Otherwise why would they be here?

As a Black man, I have often asked disgruntled African Americans, “If it is so bad here, why don’t you go to Africa?…Or any other country where you believe life is better? What is keeping you here?

But the reality is, there is no place better than the good old USA! That is why I am sure that that Hispanic Americans are proud to be American!

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Craig DeLuz

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