Gizoogle makes sliznang eazy!!!

Finally!!! There is a way fo` those of you uptight, prehistizzles conservatizzles ta be able ta reach tha hip hop generizzle … It’s called Gizooglizzles.

Translation: Finally!!! There is a way for those of you uptight, prehistoric conservatives to be able to reach the hip hop generation … It’s called

For example, I have always wanted to tell today’s youth:

Pull yo pants up. Turn yo music down. Takes yo biznutt ta school. And stop clockin’ ta music thiznat promotes drugs n violence n demeans bit**ez!

D-ya understand?


Pull your pants up. Turn your music down. Take your butt to school. And stop listening to music that promotes drugs and violence and demeans women!

Do you understand?

I hope you can put this site to good use!

Craig DeLuz

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