Good is good? No! God is good!

I don’t usually plug comments on other people’s blogs, but this discussion about religion, faith and God is just too good to miss.

A good friend The Intellectual Insurgent wrote on her blog post “Good is Good”:

My parents are not very religious people. They were both raised in Muslim families but my father’s family is secular. Although mom’s family is very religious, her marriage to my father pretty much put an end to praying five times a day and all that jazz. Never went to the mosque when I was a kid. Dad did not like “those religious people.”

In hindsight, it amazes me how “liberal” my parents were. We celebrated Christmas and Easter. They let my sister and I go to church with our friends on Sundays and I even went to Christian summer camp with my best friend Tricia the summer after 8th grade. Those are my earliest memories of religion and my utter disgust for it.

I’ve been to Mormon church, Baptist, Lutheran, Episcopalian and have sat through hours of inane and painfully boring Catholic masses. Perhaps it is the character with which we are born; maybe we are hardwired to be pre-disposed for or against religion; because every church I attended sickened me more than the last. The dogma, the ritual, the pageantry. It all seemed so idiotic to the teenage me. There went Christianity….

She goes on to tell of her experiences with other religions and how she would eventually come to the conclusion that- Good is Good. And while she professes to have a healthy distain for all religions, one can clearly see a soft spot for the Muslim faith which is understandable considering her background; along with an extra special hatred of Christianity, which seems to have been fueled by those she refers to as religious, judgmental and hypocritical. (In her defense we all know folks like this!)

Anyway, everything I know about her says that she is a good person who is seeking intellectual enlightenment about who God is and why we should care. It is truly a great conversation.