Google… ignores Memorial Day?

My buddy, Matson sent me the following via email. I thought I had seen it all.


Google, known for its simplicity graphics and effective search
capabilities, has a holiday tradition: Change the Google logo for the
holiday. Christmas, New Years, and even Green Day have seen special
google logos modified to celebrate the holiday.

But not Memorial Day… not this year.

On special holidays I like to take the time to see what Google comes
up with. As a Graphic Designer I love the creativity I have seen in
the past. Sometimes, like around Christmas, Google will do a
multi-day story line. Or for Teacher’s Day the logo was drawn on a
chalk board.

So imagine my surprise today as I opened my browser, went to Google
and…. there was nothing… just the same, standard, Google logo. So
I refreshed it… it could be my computer, right? But no…
nothing… the same logo still came up.

I have heard rumors and read blogs about Google’s bents and leanings,
but to ignore Memorial Day… that, my friends is unacceptable!

Join me in letting the people at Google know of our disgust at this
obvious slight at the men and women who have sacrificed their lives
for this great country.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043
phone: (650) 253-0000
fax: (650) 253-0001

Or click here to use their email report form.

Craig DeLuz
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