Governor Accuses Unions of Using Scare Tactics…So what else is new?

In his most recent television commercials, Governor Schwarzenegger declares “They’re trying to scare you and make me look like I want to be dictator of California,”

While the use of scare tactics is nothing new for Democrats, I can’t remember them being as blatantly hostile and dishonest. This morning the San Francisco Chronicle reported:

Tony Ledoux, a sheet metal worker from Modesto, said the governor is attacking unions.

“I take it personally for every working person in California,” he said. “I don’t think the people in shiny cars going into the event are union people.”

About 80 local firefighters came to protest, said Kirk Summers, a Turlock firefighter.
“We want to send a message to the people of California,” he said. Prop. 75 “is an important issue that will hurt firefighters and all public employee unions.”

Some of those attending the rally had to park their cars and run the gantlet of protesters shouting “Shame on you!”

So Are the Democrats lying and using scare tactics? Let’s look at what they are saying:

Prop. 74

They call it: The Teacher Terminator
Their Lie: It is an attack on hard working teachers. It will allow good teachers to be fired for no reason and with no due process.

The Truth: Prop. 74 is an attack on teachers…BAD ONES! It allows school districts to take their time in evaluating teachers before granting them jobs for life. Additionally, it provides a way to fire tenured teachers who are not doing their jobs. Currently it can take up to three years and cost more than $200K to fire a bad teacher.

Prop. 75

Their Slogan: Don’t Silence Our Voice
Their Lie: Governor Schwarzenegger is trying to silence working families. This initiative will prevent unions from raising money and contributing to causes and candidates that support the working man. This measure is an unfair because it doesn’t limit corporations who give money to Republicans.

The Truth: Nothing in Prop. 75 prevents unions from raising money. Nothing in the measure prevents union members from agreeing to have their dues go for political contributions or from giving even more if they wish. All Prop. 75 does is require the unions to get permission BEFORE taking money out of their member’s check.

Prop. 76

They call it: A Power Grab by the Governor.
Their lie: This would give the governor unprecedented, unchecked power to cut education and social programs.

The Truth: Prior to 1983 the Governor of California had the power to do exactly what is in Prop. 76; only back then, he did not have to give the legislature first crack at solving the problem. Also, this measure does not give the governor the ability to cut education below Prop. 98 levels without a two-thirds vote of the legislature.

Prop. 77

They call it: A Republican attempt to takeover California.
Their lie: This initiative will take control of the redistricting process out of the hands of the people and put it in the control of unelected, unaccountable judges.

The Truth: Back in 2001, Republicans and Democrats in the California Legislature agreed to a redistricting plan that would create a permanent Democrat majority in the state legislature and a permanent Republican majority in the state’s congressional delegation. The agreement they reached drew lines that were so gerrymandered it was dubbed “The Incumbent Protection Act”. Prop. 77 places the redistricting process in the hands of individuals who have no direct interest in the outcome of the process. And once they are done, the map that they have drawn goes to a vote of the people.

While I realize that I am, for the most part preaching to the choir, I felt it necessary to get the Governor’s back on this one. The Democrats are clearly using scare tactics to get voters not to back the reform initiatives.

I just wish that Gov. Schwarzenegger would take the gloves off and call them what they are….LIARS!!!!!

Craig DeLuz

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