Governor Schwarzenegger Acknowledges the Power of Prayer

Fresno Mayor, Alan Autry prays for the upcoming special election

Since his election I like many others, have been praying for a godly leaders to speak into the life of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. I prayed that it would be someone who is not awed by the Governor’s star power and will speak honestly and openly to him about his faith. Well folks, I believe that our prayers have been answered…in the form of Fresno Mayor Alan Autry.

Mayor Autry was the keynote speaker and the Governor’s Annual Prayer Breakfast. He shared his heartfelt testimony. And in doing so, he demonstrated a genuineness that is rare in today’s political environment. But was most interesting was the testimony given by Governor Schwarzenegger in his follow up remarks.
As reported in the Sacramento Bee:

He told the crowd about kneeling on the floor of a City Hall office in Fresno to pray with Mayor Alan Autry in 2002, when Schwarzenegger was pushing his initiative for after-school programs.

“He says, ‘Let’s kneel down and let’s ask the Lord to help us,’ ” Schwarzenegger recalled. “So I slowly kneeled down, and now he started praying, started praying for after-school programs, started praying for our children.

“I started praying, ‘I hope no one comes through this door right now. Please, God, don’t make someone come through this door right now and see us two kneeling here on the floor, on this hardwood floor.’

While comical, his comments also demonstrated an acknowledgement of the power of prayer. The Governor went on to share that Mayor Autry also prayed for him as he entered the 2003 recall election and that he believed that much of the success he had in both elections was a result of those prayers. He even closed by asking the Mayor to pray for the upcoming special election. Right there in front of everyone at the breakfast!

As I have said before, Governor Schwarzenegger may not be the Christian Conservative many of us wished he was. But he is a man with a good heart who appears to be headed in the right direction. And with a man like Alan Autry in his life, I feel confident that he will receive godly counsel. Let’s pray that this continues to be the case.

…Keep and eye on Mayor Alan Autry! I think we can expect big things from him!

Craig DeLuz

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