Governor Schwarzenegger Directs State Agencies to Eliminate Taxpayer-Provided Erectile Dysfunction Drugs for Sex Offenders

In and earlier Blog “Irony in Action” I shared an article about the fact that Sex Offenders were recieving viagra paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Well Governor Schwarzenegger didn’t waste much time making sure this policy ended in Calfornia. This story is hot off the presses.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today issued a directive to all applicable state agencies in California to immediately stop providing known sex offenders with taxpayer-funded medications such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

“Requiring that convicted sex offenders be provided Viagra for sexual dysfunction, paid for by the taxpayers, is one of the worst policies ever developed by the politicians in Washington,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “Today I am directing all of my Agency Secretaries to take the necessary steps to stop this dangerous practice in California. Our first responsibility is to keep our citizens safe, and providing these drugs to known sex offenders is a policy that only threatens more innocent people.”

Governor Schwarzenegger has instructed all state agencies to cooperate in a ban on distribution of any publicly funded ED drugs to known sex offenders until the necessary administrative and legislative steps can be taken to target the sex offenders who pose a threat to innocent citizens with these drugs. As part of this ban, the Department of Health Services is alerting all Medi-Cal providers that the State will not reimburse for ED treatment for known sex offenders. Additionally, State departments that provide treatment to sex offenders cannot prescribe ED treatment for those individuals.

“In order to protect all Californians from these sex offenders, my office will lead the effort for the swift enactment of legislative and regulatory proposals that prohibit ED drugs from being provided to sex offenders for treatment of sexual dysfunction,” Schwarzenegger said.

Under federal policies enacted by the Clinton Administration in 1998, the Medicaid program required Medi-Cal to cover these drugs based solely on “medical necessity.” This week the Bush Administration reversed that policy, allowing states to deny these drugs to known sex offenders.

Craig DeLuz

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