Guest Commentary: Rolland Beireis- Since it’s ok to be single issue voters now…

As a life long member of the Republican Party and a faithful actvist I have come to notice a disturbing trend over the last decade. This trend has become more obvious in the last few years or one might even say weeks.

Right-leaning bloggers and talk-show hosts are outraged about certain republican legislators who are caving in on their words sacrfising the party’s platform and principles. I have even heard them say that we should make them pay by unseating them in the primary.

I could not agree more that we should hold strong to the values that we all claim to believe in; that are the foundation of this Grand Old Party of Lincoln. But does this now mean that it is ok to hold Republican politicians accountable when they contradict the party platform on the issue of life?

It puzzles me why it is ok to be a “single issue voter” on taxes, but not when it comes to protecting the life of children in the womb. We state in our party platform that we believe in protecting the precious life in the womb. How come we cannot have the same litmus test for Republicans who cross the line of life?

It seems to me that there is something wrong with our principles, when we can throw somebody under the bus for raising taxes one time; meanwhile, we turn a blind eye to someone declares abortion to be a good thing. Is money more important than a precious Life?

What if the issue was Slavery? Would we say, “Who cares that he supports slavery he wants to lower my taxes.”

Once again I ask, is money more important than life?