Has Uncommon Sense Crossed The Line?

A recent post “Report Says SF Homosexual Community Discriminates against Blacks” drew the ire of JakeDocketer of The Line / Fragment Blog.

And like many on the left, he proves that common sense is not that common. Here is my response.

Dear Jake,

Thank you for visiting my site. Your questions were insightful, but definitely loaded. If you had read other posts on my blog, the answers to your quandaries would have been self evident. But let me save you the time.

In your blog you declared:

The frustrating thing is that conservatives, typified by Deluz will run to the defense of a black man beign discriminated against, but not to help a gay man. It’s ok to disctiminate homsexuals, we don’t hear outcries against this.

First of all, let me be clear. Hate and violence against anyone is wrong. But, we will never legislate hate out of existence. Even if you don’t call me a “Nigger, darkie, or coon” to my face, you will call me that when I am not around. Those who use these terms are demonstrating what is in their heart. And I know that no law can be passed that will change that. The same is true for homosexuals. We will not be able to stop people from thinking of them as “FAGS! QUEERS! DYKES!” unless we want to become the thought police.

You also stated:

You don’t have to support homosexuality to support their civil rights. Just like we support the civil right for gossipers, liars, and adulterers. I see this as hypocrisy. you can’t claim discrimination for part of the person.

Do we have laws outlawing housing discrimination against liars? Are violent acts against adulterers counted as hate crimes? How about affirmative action programs for gossipers? The truth is, while these behaviors are not illegal, we do not have laws protecting, honoring or providing special rights and benefits to people based on them being gossipers, liars or adulterers. As a matter of fact, we have laws in place that punishes these individuals if their behavior goes too far. Gossipers can be sued for liable or slander. Liars can do time in prison for perjury. And in most states, adulterers can wind up on the financial losing end of a divorce settlement if their infidelity is proven. The same cannot be said for homosexuals. We have honored this type of sin with special protections under the law. Homosexuals should have the same civil rights that I do. They are entitled to no more or no less than the full protection under the law.

In your closing you commented:

its as if saying the important part is the black part, i care for part of you, not the gay part, i will stand up for your black part but not all of you. i know you wont respond. but think about it.” let me know what you think. it irks me.

This kind of hypocrisy irks me too! The whole point of this piece was not a cry for civil rights for blacks, but to demonstrate the obvious double standard that exists in the homosexual community when it comes to black people. On one hand they pimp civil rights groups like the NAACP to fight for them to get special benefits under the law, while on the other hand openly discriminating against blacks. In reporting on this issue, it was my desire to point out how the supposed advocates of “tolerance and acceptance” being selective in who they believed should be tolerated and accepted. Apparently, for many in the homosexual community, Blacks are deserving of neither.

Finally, let me be clear, I have never said or written that I hate or even don’t care for homosexuals. As a Christian, I care for all people and am concerned about the well being of all God’s children. However, I am also obligated to speak out against the idea of condoning sinful behavior and treating it as normal and acceptable. This is my right as a citizen and my duty as a Christian. And as a supposed Christian, it is your duty as well!

Craig DeLuz

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