Hillary’s Presidential Message- Reading Between The Lines (Video)

I came accross this video post by Red Square where he tries to help us read between the lines of Sen. Clinton’s presidential anouncement.


  • Every American deserves a free rationing coupon
  • One sack of beets and potatoes a month for the middle class
  • It’s not your money, it’s the government’s
  • The Constitution doesn’t cut it anymore
  • Put an end to Bush’s economic boom
  • We need Central Planning and one-party rule
  • You will love my five year plans
  • Terrorists? Let’s chat
    Reduce dependence on foreign oil by making domestic pixie juice
  • I’ll do all the thinking for you
  • I’ll tax you into prosperity
  • I’ll be respected abroad and feared at home
  • Send me CA$H and get Bill Clinton as your next co-president ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • Power to the Proper People!