How Do Democrats get the support of Black Leaders?!

I have finally figured out how the Democrat Party has been so successful in co-opting Black political leadership. Booker Rising has a link to a site that explains it all…. ( This is a Satirical Site so don’t get offended!)

I always thought that these so-called “Black Leaders” were bought and paid for. Well it turns out they are actually on long-term leases. You might recognize their two most popular models.


(Rev.) Al Sharpton

Specialty: His uncanny ability to apologize for racist comments made by white liberal elitists never fails.

Happy Clients Include: Former Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader and New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Additional Features:

• Race Baiting- able to defuse any logical argument with accusations of racism

• Moral High Ground- As an ordained Reverend, he can proclaim righteousness over even the most morally reprehensible acts

• Urban or Professional Look- Comes in a traditional professional business suit or contemporary casual sweat suit for urban appearances. (Non-perm model is not available.)

(Rev.) Jessie Jackson

Specialty: Need a readymade shakedown artist? This is your man!

Successful shakedowns include: Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Anheuser-Busch

Additional Features:

• Lyrical Genious- unsurpassed creativity in oral presentations which includes rhyming and racial slurs (ie. “Hymietown,”)

• Political Dis-Credibility- Add his name to your campaign and you are guaranteed to lose (ie. Walter Mondale, Al Gore and John Kerry)

• My Baby Daddy Certification- Had an affair and need to the counsel of someone who’s been there? Well, this model comes complete with mistress and love child.

Other well-known models include:

Actors & Entertainers: Danny Glover and Kanye West
Politicians: Maxine Watters and Al Rangel
And “Wanna-Bes”: Bill Clinton and Eminem

Craig DeLuz

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