Hugh Hewitt Agrees…Racism Played Role in Katrina Reporting

Hugh Hewitt in a September 27th interview with Heath Allen, a local NBC News Anchor in New Orleans raises a question that I have been asking for weeks now… Did race or rather racism play a role in the MSM’s reporting of the events surrounding the Hurricane Katrina disaster?

When I posted Racist Media Reports on Katrina- Black People Loot, White People Find and Does Race Matter? Katrina Picture Controversy Raises Interesting Questions. Conservatives jumped down my throat for even suggesting that race played any roll in the media coverage.

Here’s the transcript from the show where Hugh raises the question. I found it at Radioblogger:

HH: Now let me ask you a tough question, though, Heath.

HA: Okay.

HH: Was the hysteria, were the lurid stories of violence, the urban myths, easier for media to swallow, because most of the people swept up in this were the urban underclass, and most of them were African-American? In other words, they were willing to believe the worst about those people in the mainstream media?

HA: I hope not. I hope not. There was so much misery that was here anyway. And it crossed economic lines, and it crossed racial lines. The storm really didn’t make any differentiation there. And I wouldn’t say that. You know, misery on the face of a white person, or misery on the face of a black person is misery, no matter what. And that’s the picture that was being taken down here, and there was certainly enough of it to go around.

HH: But many lies and myths got spread that I don’t think would have been spread about an upper-middle class, white group of people.

Like Hugh I believe that the hyped up (and often made up) stories and unsubstantiated tales of anarchy, murder and rape were reported as fact because the MSM found it easy to believe that low-income blacks are capable of such behavior. And sadly, far to many of us who know better than to trust the MSM believed what we saw because we too were willing to believe it could be true.

Man, do I feel vindicated! Thanks Hugh!

Craig DeLuz

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