‘If You Don’t Take A Job As A Prostitute, We Can Stop Your Benefits’


In Germany, where prostitution is legal, an unemployed information technology professional is being told that she must either accept a job as a prostitute or lose her unemployment benefits. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

Imagine your wife or daughter being told that if they don’t take a job selling their bodies for money, they will not be eligible to receive unemployment benefits, even though they paid into the system.

My good friend David Yow posted in his blog an article from the News Telegraph :

“There is now nothing in the law to stop women from being sent into the sex industry,” said Merchthild Garweg, a lawyer from Hamburg who specializes in such cases. “The new regulations say that working in the sex industry is not immoral any more, and so jobs cannot be turned down without a risk to benefits.”

Whenever we try to set any standards for morality and decency people say “You can’t legislate morality!” or “You shouldn’t try to force your values on others.” Well here is a perfect example of how a lack of standards impedes on the morals of others.

And while you may think this will never happen here in the United States of America, keep in mind that nobody thought any of these things could happen here either:

-Employers being fined $150,000 for not hiring a man in a dress.

-12 year old girls being taken from school and given abortions without their parent’s even knowing about it.

-Pornography being made available to children in public libraries.

Need I say more?

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Craig DeLuz

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