Immigration vs Illegal Immigration (Uncommon Sense Radio)

Earlier this week I participated in a forum at Sacramento State University on Illegal immigration. It was an interesting discussion that revealed the spectrum of philosophies on this topic. Positions ranged from respecting the rule of law and our borders to setting aside the rule because of what they call “political realities” to doing away with the rule of law and our borders.

My fellow panelists included:

Dr. Manuel Barajas, an adjuct professor and Sacramento State University

Eric Z. Guerra, the legislative aid to Senator Gilbert Cedillo (D-Los Angeles).

And Felix Barba, a junior at Sacramento State University

Dr. Barajas represents the “Borders are unjust” contingent and advocates for their elimination. Eric was much more pragmatic. He acknowledges that we need borders, but believes that our immigration laws don’t match up with the reality that 11 million illegal immigrants are here and more will keep coming. He believes that we should overlook their transgressions and provide for their needs. And finally Felix, the youngest of the group, stood up for protecting our borders and for the enforcement of the law. He went on to point out how ignoring the law has become prevelent in their native country and how that trend is manifested in people ignoring our borders and illegally entering the United States.

All in all it was an interesting discussion. I hope you find it informative.

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