In order to “embrace diversity”, school bans Christmas, show tunes, and the color red

There’s no war on Christmas… Yeah right!

Here is one more example of just how out of control the Anti-Christmas movement has become. This middle school in Medway, Massachusetts has not just removed Christ from the Christmas season, they have removed anything remotely Christmas from the Christmas season; all in order to avoid offending anyone.

The Milford Daily News reports:

Some parents are scratching their heads after school administrators insisted students call a Christmas tree a “magical tree,” the color red was removed from green and red elf hats, and songs from “Jesus Christ Superstar,” were pulled from a winter concert.

“I can see a religious holiday being offensive to those who don’t celebrate it,” said Dale Fingar, whose sixth-grade son brought home 10 red and green elf hats Monday and requested she replace the red fabric with white. “But red and green hats? Come on.”

Now I’m no fan of Jesus Christ Superstar, but this is outrageous. Keep in mind that it is middle school students who are forced to dress up in Muslim garb, take on Muslim names, fast and pray five times a day.

But that obviously doesn’t offend anyone…

Craig DeLuz

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