Is racism a factor in Democratic race for the nomination

As Obama rolls to an easy victory in the Mississippi primary (61%-37%) one can’t help but notice the racial divide in the party of tolerance and racial equality. 70% of white democrats chose Hillary, while 90% of black voters supported Obama.

According the Associated Press:


In the Democratic race, Mississippi voters were strongly polarized by race, even more than in most other states that voted this year. Seventy percent of whites voted for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, while 92 percent of blacks voted for Sen. Barack Obama. Clinton won among both white women, a group she normally carries, and white men, a key swing group in this campaign. Clinton won the votes of 68 percent of white men, one of her best showings to date. About half of the voters in the Democratic primary were black.

A quarter of whites said race was important to their votes, and they voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. Thirty-seven percent of blacks said race was important to their votes and nearly all voted for Obama.

25% of white voters said race was an important factor and they almost all voted for Hillary… a white woman- no racism here! And 37% of blacks voters said that race was an important factor in who they voted for… a black man… no racism here either!