Is Roseville’s Daytime Curfew a Bad Idea?

Eric Hogue has really stepped in it! He is supporting a Daytime Curfew being proposed in the city of Roseville. (News 10 Video Here) I may be stepping in it as well, but I have to agree with the Hoguester. What is wrong with putting teeth in the law?

Currently, schools do not have the resources to enforce truancy laws beyond their own school sites. Additionally, this ordinance would place some common sense penalties on the student’s who ditch school not just empty threats to parents (threats I think should actually be enforce). And it would allow law enforcement to be involved in truancy enforcement while in the process of performing their everyday duties.

Are concerns about abuse warranted? Yes. That is why such a law should be well thought out and monitored. But unless we distrust our law enforcement officials, these concerns should not keep us from putting in place a measure that aids in law enforcement.

I have been a teacher and am a parent. And I realize that the number one problem in education today is the lack of accountability by parents and students. As pathetic as they are, current laws attempt to hold parents accountable. This daytime curfew attempts to hold students accountable. Neither is perfect, but they are steps in the right direction.

And as a parent, let me say this; if my child were not in school, where he/she should be, I would have no problem with a police officer questioning them about why they are not in school. We should encourage our young people to feel confident and assured; not scared when dealing with law enforcement. They are not the enemy. Their job is to serve and protect.

We must raise up our young people without fear of accountability or scrutiny. A wise man once told me that “Integrity invites Scrutiny.”

Craig DeLuz

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