Jessie Helms is back! But this time he’s Black!

I thought this commercial was a skit from some comedy show until I saw who sponsored it… Vernon Robinson, a Black congressional candidate in North Carolina.I had a chance to meet Vernon a few years ago when he was running for congress. His campaign slogan at the time was “Jessie Helms is back. But this time He’s Black!”

Once again, another great example of a race pimp for the right! (Video Here)

Yes, I said it! Just those he mocks on the left (Jessie Jackson and Al Shaprton), Vernon Robinson is nothing more than a glory hound seeking to use the vast racial divide in this country to elevate himself to icon status. Except unlike Sharpton and Jackson, he is pimpin’ for the right.

Like I wrote of Jessie Lee Peterson in my piece “Jesse Lee Peterson & Jessie Jackson- Pimpin Race for the Right and the Left

His goal is not to tell the truth, but to stir up racial tensions by telling conservatives that liberals and blacks are what is wrong with this country.

And like Peterson, he does shed light on some very real issues, but the manner in which he does it is more about self-aggrandizement and grand standing than about really solvin problems.

If Black Republicans are to ever be taken seriously it will be by holding up examples like JC Watts, Lynn Swan, Ken Blackwell and Bishop Keith Butler as examples of who we are.

Memo to Vernon Robinson: Leave the comedy skits to the comedians!