JP Morgan Chase seeks to expand their customer base… “Dear Palestinian Bomber” You’ve been Pre-Approved!

JP Morgan Chase credit card services sent a form letter advertisement for their Visa Platinum card to a Palestinian Grocery store manager in California. The salutation read “Dear Palestinian Bomber.”

ABC News reports:

Officials at JP Morgan Chase have apologized and promised to improve their screening policies, after a credit card solicitation letter sent to a 54-year-old naturalized American citizen came addressed to “Palestinian Bomber.”

The form letter for a Visa Platinum card arrived earlier this month at the home of Sami Habbas, a grocery store manager from Corona, Calif. The words “Palestinian Bomber” appear above his address and the salutation reads, “Dear Palestinian Bomber.” The document included the signature of Carter Franke, chief marketing officer for Chase Card Services.

JP Morgan has got to stop recruiting their employees from the Federal Department of Immigration.

Craig DeLuz

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