Keep Your Hands Off Marriage Tour


In Case you are wondering why I haven’t been posting, I have been on a statewide press tour with Campaign for Children and Families against Mark Leno’s AB 19, which would create same sex marriage in California. (Story Here)

Keep in mind that in 2000, California voters approved Prop. 22, which stated that

Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California

Well Leno is attempting to get around the bill by saying that the Proposition only addressed marriages performed outside the state and does not speak to the legalization of same sex marriage within the state.

Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, who introduced the bill, co-authored by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nœ–ez, said it would not amend or modify Prop. 22.

“It amends Section 300 of the California Family Code,” he said in a telephone conversation from his Sacramento office.

Section 300 reads, “Marriage is a personal relation arising out of a civil contract between a man and a woman, to which the consent of the parties capable of making that contract is necessary.”

Leno’s bill would amend that phrase to define marriage as a “personal relation arising out of a civil contract between two persons.”

He said Prop. 22 would not be affected because that refers to marriages contracted outside of the state and does not require California to recognize those marriages.

Leno’s bill will essentially remove a man and a woman from marriage! This is deception of the worst kind!

These Democrats think the voters are stupid! Well…. Are you!!!!!

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